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Top 10 Most Popular Articles for Women

As Prime Women celebrates our 4th year of providing informative posts on everything from beauty and fashion to health, fitness, careers, and second acts, we thought it the perfect time to review our ten most popular articles.

So, here we go – from #10 to #1.

10. Debra Atkinson of FlippingFifty.com shared her 6 Exercises and 2 Habits to Sleeveless Happiness. According to Debra, just working your small muscles isn’t going to do it. You have to work large muscle groups to really make a visible difference. You can see her video below.

#9. How the 5 Second Rule can Change Your Life. The 5 Second Rule, a book by Mel Robbins, instructs you to countdown from 5 to 1 when you first think of doing something. At 1 – you GO. If you don’t, chances are you WON’T. Read the full article and see if it doesn’t help trigger a new way of motivating yourself.

most popular articles#8. The Ageless Generation struck a chord with thousands of readers. Whether you call yourself a perennial, mid-lifer, 50-60-70 plusser, women in their prime are leaving their mark by living life to the fullest. Career, family, retirement, entrepreneurship, fitness and adventure. It’s not your mother’s generation.

#7. In Is it Time? Sexy, Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50, Paul LaBrecque writes about the factors that often go into the decision to change from long to short hair, and points out those ladies who have very publicly made that transition.

#6. Think weight gain after menopause is just a part of life? Think again. Studies say that weight gain is often caused by a lack of spontaneous activity. Read more about the study, and find ways to be the author of your own success story in, Don’t Let the Downside of Menopause Weigh on You.

#5. Whether you have long hair or short, the secret to a flattering hairstyle can be found in layers. See what we mean in Think Layered Hairstyles for Ageless Beauty.

most popular articles#4. Is there a way to make up in one day the bad food choices of the day before? Maybe so. But it depends on when you work out and what you do before and after. Different than men, women need to eat before working out – and wait a longer period of time afterward to eat again. Read The Antidote to Overeating and we bet you’ll be surprised.

#3. We are interested in all sort of topics, but that doesn’t mean fashion takes a back seat. These days, women over 50 are giving the fashion bloggers on their 20s and 30s a run for their money. Find out which fashionsitas we consider the Top Fashion Blogs for Women Over 50.

#2. When it comes to our most popular articles, there is apparently an issue which truly unites us all. Believe it or not, it’s finding Flattering Jeans for Women Over 50. You’ll find up-to-date recommendations for the best jeans, whether straight leg, boyfriend cut, boot cut or skinny. This article is a perennial favorite no matter the time of year.

most popular articles#1. Lastly, The Truth About Being Sexy and Attractive After 50 speaks to the choices we all have today. Choose cosmetic enhancements or embrace your beautiful, aging self. Choose to pursue an active lifestyle, spin classes, yoga or meditation. Long hair, short hair, or something in between. We have the tools to stay sexy and attractive at our fingertips, if we want to use them – but the greatest accessory we have is our confidence in ourselves.

We hope you enjoy reading a few of our most popular articles, and we look forward to adding a slew of new favorites this year.

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