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Protecting Your Hair From Color Fade

Have you ever experienced hair color fade? I have some helpful tips for protecting color from fading, especially with summer on our doorstep. Read on to find out how.Protecting Color

To protect your hair color during the summer, there is always the obvious option of wearing a hat, scarf or turban when at the beach or on the sea, but they can be hot and sweaty. Besides, sometimes we just want to show off our wonderful, lustrous color. After all, our color will be looking it’s best when lit with sunlight.

Did you know that around 70% of American women use a color of some kind?

There is an ingredient I like very much when mixed within color – called Olaplex. Ask your hairdresser if she uses this professional color additive or a version of it. It has the power to leave your color lustrous and sumptuous, but it’s not enough. You also need a great home care too.

Whether you visit a professional colorist with your color needs or try your best at home, there are home care options you should consider. I’ve listed my most tried and true products below and am confident if you try them, you will thank me.

Be aware, firstly, that if you are not shampooing daily, you should be protecting color with a shower cap. Constant water every day can attack color and cause fade.


Starting with shampoos. Some salon professionals like that their clients use a clarifying shampoo before color to clean the shaft of any product residue that may disrupt color application.

It’s a known fact that you should use a sulfate-free shampoo after your color treatment, as this will in itself help prevent loss of color while shampooing.Protecting Color

The Iles Formula shampoo is every colorist’s best friend. It is not only sulfate free, but it has an ingredient inside not unlike a ceramide that scans the hair’s surface and fills the porosity holes in the hair shaft, delivering a perfect canvas to accept any hair color. Have you ever had those radar bars of uneven color and quick fade? Well, this shampoo will help prevent that absolutely!


There are some hair masks on the market today specialized in nourishing without sucking away color pigment. They will always tell you on the instructions if they have this benefit, so be sure to read carefully, because most hair masks will suck out color residue. Regardless what instructions tell you, I do find that when using a nourishing mask, it is best to use after the shampoo and before the conditioner. Redken Color Extend and L’Oreal Serie Expert both have a masque for the benefit of maintaining your color.


The colors that fade the quickest are reds and browns. Just because you are blonde, don’t think you have no problem. In fact you do, as your base is the one that will dry up the quickest. Conditioners are the key across the palette of all colors.Protecting Color

A conditioner is essential for protecting color, especially after every permanent hair color, as the structure of the hair shaft has been permanently changed. I best explain this by mentioning the hair shaft is not unlike the texture of a snake’s skin with tiny scales on the outer surface. Permanent color lifts these scales, and unless you use a powerful conditioner to seal these scales shut, those scales will stay lifted and the hair is in danger of dryness, dullness, and eventually breakage.


Drying hair with high heat can be especially hazardous to red hair, so keep the heat low. Very hot air will fade any red color before your eyes, I don’t know why, it just does!

There are many great hair turban towels on the market today that will gently remove excess water from the hair after shampooing, cutting the drying time in half.

Aquis is possibly the most famous turban towel brand at this moment, but there are cheaper brands that are also workable. If you like to compromise, use a large T-shirt by wrapping the head and twisting it like a turban instead of a bath towel. It’s far more gentle on the hair shaft and will not disrupt the hair scales, keeping color locked in.


Now we get to the last part – protection.Protecting Color

I never touch a head of hair without Iles Finishing Serum that delivers UV protection, color fade protection and also protection against heated tools and humidity without weighing the hair down. It’s truly a jewel of a product as it also delivers memory to the hair! Simply apply to wet or dry hair daily, and it will help with protecting color from fading and deliver the most sumptuous and lustrous shine.

So wrapping this up, home care is the key to maintaining the longevity of your color. By spending a little more on benchmark products, you’ll save in the end, it has been proven time and again. Maybe you have brands that worked well for you. Please share them with us!


All images on this page have been colored by Berlin hairdresser, Teresa Hofmeister, using Olaplex additive to all colors and the Iles Serum as a protective finish.

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