Can Cold Therapy Really Reduce Hair Frizz?

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In today’s world, technology develops at a rapid rate. It seems that nearly every day, something newer and better is created. However, older technology also gets boosts from recent advancements and improvements. You might be surprised to learn that hair styling is also about to experience a bit of a revolution in styling technology. And if you hate the feeling (and damaging effects) of heat styling tools, you’re going to love this. Cryotherapy is a cool new tool for the hair care industry—quite literally! Cryotherapy is actually in use in other sectors such as the medical field, but it represents some significant benefits for hair care as well. Let’s explore just what cryotherapy is and how cold styling brushes can improve your hair health.

Hot Versus Cold Styling Options

Before diving into the details of this exciting new hair styling method, it can be helpful to understand some of the current hairstyling options that are out there. Blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons are all popular methods of styling hair, and every one of them works by using heat to help you achieve the perfect style. But unfortunately, all that heat can really add up to lots of damage to your hair. If you frequently use heat styling tools like these, your hair can become dried out and brittle over time. This, of course, leads to breakage and frizzy hair, which are both things we would all like to avoid.

Using hot products can cause dry, brittle hair. Cold therapy is better.

Major Benefits of Cryotherapy for Hair Care

Cryotherapy, or cold styling, has the potential to help reduce the damage that styling can cause. According to Real Simple, there is a big difference between what heat styling and cold styling do to your locks. When you use hot tools, your hair cuticles get bigger because the heat essentially widens them. By contrast, cold styling closes the hair cuticle by compressing it. This may not sound like a big deal, but this method of cold styling actually helps make hair glossy, lessens frizz, and gets rid of that dreaded winter-related static.

Where Can You Find Cryotherapy Options?

New technologies can take time to develop, so cryotherapy for hair is still an emerging technology in the United States. There’s still only a limited number of products available on the market, and very few salons and other locations even offer cryotherapy treatments. However, it’s encouraging to see that new tools are also popping up in other countries. In New Zealand and Australia for instance, Inverse Hair offers a flat iron that promises a myriad of benefits “using patented ice core technology.”

Hair Toxx, which is based in Brazil, is another brand that offers hair treatments within select salons. Their salon line combines the benefits and power of cryotherapy technology with some familiar ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

Cryotherapy Tools and Cold Styling Brushes

If you’re not based in New Zealand, Australia, or Brazil, don’t despair! In the United States, household brand name Conair created the BaByLissPRO CryoCare The Cold Brush. This cold styling brush boasts the reduction of frizz and static along with bringing in that glossy sheen that comes from styling hair with cryotherapy technology. It even takes things further by promising hydration for both natural hair as well as hair extensions.

CryoCare The ColdBrush
BaByLissPRO CryoCare The Cold Brush, $149.99

Conair’s brilliant new brush can be used on hair that’s wet or strands that are completely dry, which makes it a versatile tool to have in your haircare arsenal. It also helps untangle hair thanks to its bristle feature. And, if you’re a traveler or will be looking forward to traveling more in the future, you will appreciate the dual voltage power that can be used globally. For some, the price tag may carry a bit of sticker shock, ringing up close to $150, but that can be expected with newer technology options in any industry. Plus, Conair offers a limited warranty on this product of up to four years.

Time to Be a Cryotherapy Trendsetter

Woman with long wavy healthy hair

If you’re someone who loves keeping up with the latest technology, now is your chance to be a trendsetter with your hair care routine. A few products and services are already popping up in other countries. A well-known hair care brand is creating a revolutionary new product for sale in the United States. It likely won’t be very long until other companies start catching on to this promising method of cold styling with cryotherapy. Now is a wonderful time to explore this trend! Your hair will even thank you for choosing a healthier route by opting for cold styling over traditional heat tools.

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