Prime Pick: What is Part Snack and Part Thinning Hair Solution?

Menopause have you blue with weight gain, thinning hair, lackluster skin? Want a little something that is sweet that you won’t have to pay for later with an hour in the gym and unhappy skin!?”

We do know of such a sweet treat that also helps with the other issues listed including a thinning hair solution.  Hum Nutrition has a splendid line of edible beauty supplements, and 2 specific products are in gummy form!

Among these supplements are thinning hair solutions

Gummies may not legitimately be food (No – you can’t eat the whole bottle in one sitting, but you’ll want to). But consider this: how much sweet do you really need to satisfy a craving? My theory is to save the calories of a few pieces of chocolate, and instead use it as an opportunity to create a healthy habit that satisfies body-wide.

Prime Pick gummies for skin health
$20 (Was $25)
Prime Pick - Gummies as a thinning hair solution
$20 (Was $25)

Hum’sHair Sweet Hair and “Glow Sweet Glow” target 2 very important areas for women nearing and over 50!

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We’re going to focus on the gummies for a thinning hair solution, but I encourage you to check out their other selections.  Use the cleanse kit twice a year to hit reset, typically in the spring and fall, to detox from the harsher seasons of winter and summer. All Hum products are vegan, GMO-free, and sustainably sourced.


A sweet treat possible thinning hair solution for Women - Prime pick

Product Breakdown: Hair Sweet Hair
Key Ingredients:

  • Biotin & Zinc: nutrients that are central to the amount of hair we can grow/maintain. A biotin or zinc deficiency can cause hair loss.
  • PABA & Folic Acid: two amino acids that aid in follicle health, ergo the overall health of our hair.


Product Breakdown: Glow Sweet Glow
Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: This acid bonds with water, and production decreases as we age, ergo it is responsible for how much moisture your skin can maintain over the course of the day, and that translates to how smooth our skin appears. It also plays a crucial role in wound-healing, so hyaluronic acids affects skin body-wide.
  • Amla Fruit: Also known as ‘Indian gooseberry’, it’s no secret to Indian women, and has a big role in Ayurvedic medicine and hailed as the anti-aging wonder berry.
  • Vitamin E: This antioxidant fights free-radicals and inflammation.


Here’s what other women over 50 think about Hum supplement gummies as a thinning hair solution:

“I was amazed by the results I noticed from using this product. I normally cannot take most supplements; however, I have had no adverse effects from this product. My hair has stopped breaking and shedding, and appears shinier and I have noticed new growth. This product really works, and I am delighted by my results so far.” -Peba, over 50

“I’ve been using these for several months and I can definitely tell a difference. My nails are much stronger and my thinning hair is really seeing improvement. I’m getting to that age where my scalp was starting to show thru my hair (if that makes sense) and these supplements have helped that a lot.” -DH, over 50



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