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Skin Care & Make-Up

Makeup for Women Over 50: The 7 Best Foundations

We all age every day, and things happen, right? Pores start getting bigger, while moisture and luminosity can be harder to maintain. These are a few of the problems every woman deals with in her life. But that doesn't mean we can't fix these things and look insanely fabulous! I… Read more


Personalized Detoxification Diet to Heal Your Body

Diet. Not another! Cut down on this, eat only that … Do I Keto, Whole 30, juice fast or starve to keep calories low? Which one is healthiest for me? More pressing, my weight gain, brain fog, constant fatigue and anxiety…is it even possible a ‘diet’ could finally ‘fix’ that?… Read more


Chic Silk Clothing for Women in Their Prime

The Silk Road is part myth and all mystery, as caravans carried the delicate threads west and cemented the textile in culture forever. It is indicitive of its history, admired by monachy and celebrity, alike. Silk clothing is a must-have staple in every stylish woman's closet. Spring is the perfect… Read more


Exercise for Depression: Swimming in Open Water

There’s no doubt that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for all round physical fitness. What it can also do is contribute to improving mental health including depression. And making the move to swim outdoors in open water can help even more. Here are six reasons why… Read more

Personal Growth

50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #18 Salsa Lessons

Like many of us, I watch Strictly Come Dancing each year and wish I could be spun around the dance floor by one of the male dancers in a flurry of sequins, fake tan and pizazz. From the safety of my sofa I watch, with a huge amount of envy,… Read more


HRT Side Effects: Hope or Hype?

The story of HRT – why we fear it and why we really need more information. OH. FOR. CRYING. OUT. LOUD. Just when we were starting to feel comfortable with the idea of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) again, now there’s a new study showing a link with increased Alzheimer’s Disease… Read more


Clever Capsule Wardrobe: Stylish Travel Clothes for Women Over 50

I was recently on a family vacation cruising to Costa Maya and Belize. Now, I am not sure how many of you have ever cruised before, but if you have- you know how small the rooms can be. Even the cruise staff crack jokes about it, and with 4 of… Read more

Personal Growth

Face the Freeze with Cryotherapy. Yes, it’s a Thing!

(This is part 2 of an ongoing series. You can view part 1 here.) I spent $20 on the world’s most expensive popsicle. I would’ve spent $25 but I was given a new customer discount. Let me share the back story first. Being well past the big 5-0, I should… Read more

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