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Gift Guide: 10 Best CBD Products

The holidays can be an extra stressful time of year. Shopping, cooking, and entertaining, all while trying to keep up with your regular everyday tasks. It's exhausting and can be pretty overwhelming. The reality is, while the holidays are an exaggerated time of stress for us, every day outside of… Read more


Gray Hair Enhancements

As we start to see the changes rolling in with another fall season, I am reminded of the changes we are seeing this past year regarding women's health, beauty, and expectations as a society. We are starting to see more and more women who want to be authentic and are… Read more


5-Day Fast Challenge

If you've been a Prime Women reader for the past six months, you know that we formed a partnership with ProLon®, a fasting-mimicking diet (read THE KEY TO WEIGHT LOSS AND LONGEVITY). This partnership with L-Nutra’s ProLon®  has been an exciting addition to Prime Women's offerings. We fully believe in their products… Read more


The Muay Thai Workout Routine That Will Get You Into Shape

Tired of going to the gym? Bored at the thought of doing the same old workout over and over again? We don’t blame you. Exercise can get monotonous if you don’t mix it up and if you don’t try new things that challenge your body in new ways.  That’s why… Read more


10 Essentials for Your Chic Holiday Wardrobe

I get tired of wearing the same thing day in and day out, but to be honest, there's really no reason to get dressed up on a frequent basis. That's why when the holidays roll around, I get excited to upgrade my wardrobe choices a bit and get outside my… Read more


Smart and Effective Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Approximately 40 million Americans have an anxiety disorder. Having anxiety makes it incredibly difficult to function in modern society. People who have anxiety attacks have a hard time going out into public settings and spend a large portion of their time alone. If you are tired of the mental toll… Read more

Gift Guides

Gift Guide: The Coolest Gifts To Give (And Receive) This Year

There's a saying that it's better to give than to receive, and when you find the perfect gift, that's the truest statement you'll hear. While it's fun to give something that a person needs, finding a cool gift that makes them say "Wow!" is even better. With that, we've compiled… Read more


Why You May Want To Start Drinking Bone Broth

It's no surprise that bone broth has recently been getting a lot of attention, but this buzzy broth is actually nothing new. In fact, this "liquid gold" has been used as a healing tradition in virtually every culture around the world! But if you're just now hearing about it or… Read more