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6 Tips for Smooth Holidays for Blended Families

Holidays are a time spent cheerfully with family. This sounds nice in theory but can sometimes be difficult, especially for those with large families. Budgeting free hours between multiple families can be stressful. Blended families also bring a particular set of challenges. As divorce and remarriage have become more prevalent… Read more

Food and Wine

Prosecco Prepares for Climate Change

A hilly corner of the Veneto in northern Italy was awarded Unesco World Heritage designation this past July, and odds are you are already familiar with it. It is the area known as Conegliano Valdobbiadene in the heart of Prosecco country. But is this designation enough to save the vineyards… Read more


What Do the Holidays Have to do With the Loneliness Epidemic?

It is thought that the holidays are spent with loved ones and friends. From gift-giving to sharing fine meals, the holidays are synonymous with festive and happy gatherings across the world. However, not everyone looks forward to the holidays. Especially folks that are alone or isolated from their families and… Read more


What to Wear to a Christmas Party This Year? Bold Red!

Red is such a statement color. It is known to impress an illusion of attractiveness on those wearing it. I remember once being told to wear red when giving a presentation at work because red is a color that eludes power and draws attention. First Lady, Nancy Regan was notorious… Read more

Family & Friends

Staying Relevant: 6 Terms From Millennials and Gen Z to Know

Confession: Even as a millennial I do not always understand a lot of millennials and gen z culture. That's because the culture of teens, twenty-somethings and even the older millennials is subtle, weird and hard. Steeped in subculture and memes, it moves as fast as the internet. Trends come and… Read more


Eating Disorders and the Holidays

When you think of the holidays, what’s one of the first things that comes to mind? Food, right? All the dishes, casseroles, dips, and sweets — there is just so much to choose from that it makes it hard to stop. For some, this may be an enjoyable thing. For… Read more

Family & Friends

Beat Holiday Loneliness And Host Friendsgiving

We love our holidays in the U.S. so much we are creating informal ones to give us more to celebrate! Friendsgiving is a day where friends come together to eat and enjoy each other's company. From the combination of the words, you can tell it is a blend of 'friends'… Read more


The Vacation Trend Tackling Burnout – Wellness Travel

We’ve become so wired, dialed-in, connected and engaged to our work life that it’s making us sick. In fact, just a few months ago the World Health Organization revised its International Classification of Diseases to include ‘burnout’ as an official medical diagnosis. Burnout alone is bad, but it can also… Read more

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