Moving Your Workspace Outside

Slouched over at an ordinary desk while being surrounded by four plain walls can grow boring day-after-day. Working from home has increased with the spread of COVID-19. Now that weather has turned nice, moving to an outdoor workspace provides individuals a chance to get out of the deadly office chair and be distracted – in the best way.  

Working outside on a porch or patio can be refreshing on a nice warm and sunny day. However, it can become difficult to work as you spend eight hours placed in an uncomfortable chair and sun rays beam into a laptop screen. 

Here are some items that can help you make the most of working outside: 

Instant Laptop Shade –

The shaded spot is great to utilize if you cannot read your laptop screen or your technology becomes too hot. If there is no shade in sight, attach a laptop sunshade tool to help take away any glare. 

Laptop Sun Shade & Privacy Cover Hood 13″-14″ 

Comfortable Furniture 

Sitting in an uncomfortable patio chair for eight hours is not ideal. Instead, purchase a comfortable cushioned lounge chair. This type of chair makes it easier to lean back and stretch out your legs. 

outdoor workspace chair

Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Balcony Table

If you do not have a large backyard, a balcony table can help those who have a smaller workspace. This table attaches nicely to a sturdy railing and is adjustable. 

outdoor workspace table

Adjustable Balcony Folding Desk 

Portable Fan 

The sun may seem like our best friend, but once the temperature rises your outdoor office may involuntarily turn into a sauna. To avoid becoming sweaty, use a portable fan. A portable fan is battery operated, meaning you can place it anywhere in your workspace.  

outdoor workspace fan

Versatile Portable Fan 

Mosquito Repellent 

Mosquitos can put a downer on any outdoor activity. Keep them away by using a mosquito repellent lamp or candles. A lamp is an alternative to wearing insect-repellant and is a great way to compliment your outdoor furniture style. It is best to turn on the repellant a few minutes before starting your workday to make sure the mosquitos are long gone before you go outside. 

Thermacell Mosquito Repellant Lantern 


These five products are sure to spruce up any outdoor space to make it comfortable for not just working outside, but hosting a barbecue or any backyard celebration. 

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