How Long Does it Take to Lose 30 Pounds?

Lose 30 pounds

Getting into shape is a worthy goal – not an easy goal, for sure, especially if you need to lose as much as 30 lbs. It can be daunting, to say the least. Knowing what to expect can help, which is why so many women ask, “How long is it going to take me to lose 30 lbs?” The answer, unfortunately, is not an easy one. It depends on what you are willing to give up in the short and long run. 

Quick Way to Lose 30 Lbs

There’s a lot of buzz around the Keto diet. The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet, similar to Atkins and other low-carb diets. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When this happens, your body becomes very efficient at burning fat for energy.

You do lose weight, and most women lose it pretty quickly following the Keto diet. While there are some health benefits to the Keto diet, there are also a lot of drawbacks. Many people find it unsustainable. The diet forces you to give up an entire food group. You are missing out on nutritious whole grains that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. And an even better reason not to go the Keto route is the potential colon cancer. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, whole grains protect against colon cancer. Considering the prevalence of colon cancer, the Keto diet may not be worth it. 

Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Slow but steady is the healthiest approach to losing 30 lbs. The Mediterranean Diet again ranked number one for best diets for 2023, followed by the Dash diet and Flexitarian. All three are simple diets that would allow you to lose 1 to 2 lbs per week, depending on your age, lifestyle, and strict adherence to the diet. Each diet has its advantages, so it really depends on your food preference as to which one you are likely to stick with for the long haul.

Mediterranean diet

Intermittent Fasting

Perhaps the hottest weight loss program is intermittent fasting, often referred to as IF. While IF can take a couple of different approaches, most people make an IF schedule that requires them to fast for 12 to 16 hours a day. During the rest of the time, they eat normal meals and snacks. Intermittent fasting is a program you can stick with relatively easily once your body has made the adjustment. It also cuts way down on snacking, which is usually a big problem for women who’ve gained weight. 

If you are hoping to lose that 30 lbs fairly quickly, you will want to make the meals you eat during the 8 to 12-hour window relatively low-calorie and nutritious. Consuming 1100 to 1400 calories, depending on your height and activity level, will drastically speed up your weight loss. A way to make IF much easier is to eat a Fast Bar when you are at your hungriest. You can consume a Fast Bar, and it will not break your fast. Read more here: The Key to Weight Loss and Longevity.

Exercising for Weight Loss

After 50, it is very difficult to lose weight with exercise. How much you eat is far more important than how much you exercise. That being said, you will feel better and tend to eat less if you exercise regularly. Walking will be your best choice as you can walk anywhere and it requires no special equipment. Counting steps is a good way to keep track of how much you walk, and you can gradually increase your distance. Weight lifting two to three times a week will speed up your weight loss and help you reach your 30 lb goal much quicker. Building muscle not only makes you stronger but burns more calories. 

If you’re taking on a new exercise routine, try to focus on flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health. Incorporating activities like yoga, pilates, walking, swimming, and lightweight training can improve overall fitness and help maintain bone density. Prioritizing consistency and gradually increasing intensity ensures safe and effective workouts tailored to individual needs.

Planks are great exercise for weight loss

General Weight Loss Guidelines

When it comes to general guidelines, Healthline notes that many professionals suggest setting a goal to lose between one and three pounds per week. To put it another way, you might also consider trying to lose roughly one percent of your total weight each week.

For example, for a woman weighing 200 pounds, one percent of her body weight would be about two pounds. Aiming to shed roughly two pounds per week falls into the general guidelines for safely getting to a targeted weight. With this example, this woman would probably plan to lose 30 pounds in about 15 weeks.

Your situation will vary based on your current weight and how many pounds you’d like to shed. Use this example as a guide to help you determine what might be a realistic timeframe to lose 30 pounds (or whatever your goal ends up being).

Accounting for Plateaus

Now, having calculated about how long it might take you to lose 30 pounds, it’s important to remember that weight loss isn’t always steady. You may notice that as you stick to your diet and exercise plan, you’ll shed more pounds in the first couple of weeks.

As you continue your diet regimen, be aware that your weight loss may plateau. It can be a bit more difficult to lose weight after those first few weeks, so don’t be discouraged. Keep going with your diet plan and keep fitting exercise into your daily routines.

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Encouragement is Helpful

Staying motivated in weight loss involves setting realistic goals, tracking progress, and celebrating achievements. Surrounding oneself with supportive peers or joining a community fosters accountability and encouragement. Incorporating variety into workouts and finding enjoyment in physical activities sustains motivation. Reflecting on reasons for embarking on the journey fuels determination.

As you plan for your own individual weight loss goals, you may find that encouragement can be a huge help. Consider partnering with a friend to hold each other accountable to your individual goals. If you have a neighbor living close by, invite her out for morning walks. Getting outdoors and having some great conversation as you walk can really make those miles or minutes seem to fly by.

Workout buddies

Set Healthy Weight Loss Goals

If you’re planning to lose 30 pounds, be sure that you set good expectations for yourself upfront. Don’t try to lose the weight all at once. Instead, aim to make progress by shedding a couple of pounds every week over several weeks. Incorporating healthy eating habits, following an exercise regimen, and talking with a trusted healthcare professional will all play a role in helping you on your weight loss journey. Invite a friend or a neighbor along so you two can cheer each other to the finish line. Before you know it, you will have lost 30 pounds.

Wrapping It Up

Weight loss for women over 50 requires a balanced approach encompassing diet, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments. As metabolism naturally slows with age, focusing on nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains is crucial. Portion control and mindful eating help manage calorie intake effectively. Strength training exercises aid in preserving muscle mass, which can decline with age, while also boosting metabolism.

Consistency and patience are key, as sustainable weight loss often occurs gradually. Additionally, prioritizing adequate sleep, stress management, and hydration supports overall well-being and facilitates successful weight management for women over 50. Consulting healthcare professionals for personalized guidance is recommended.

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This article is for informational purposes only. Please consult your doctor before beginning any weight loss or exercise program. 



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