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I Embrace Exercise — and I Think You Should Too

I am more passionate about exercise and movement at 60 than I have ever been in my life! I love it. I need it. It fuels my creativity and is my meditation. I don’t consider my age a barrier to hard exercise. In fact, not only have I not slowed down one bit — I work harder today than in years past.

Things change as we age, though, and some days I can feel discouraged, but I try to accept the inevitable changes as best I can. (That’s also a little harder some days than others.)

I work out six days a week with a series of HIIT, cardio, body weight exercises, and free weights. I have to discipline myself to incorporate yoga and stretching — it’s so hard for me to commit to those gentler exercises. I realize that for some this level of movement is extreme, but for me it’s a lifeline. Something happens for me when I move: My mind, my spirit, and my body come alive.


I always encourage women of every age to embrace exercise. You don’t have to work out the way I do, but it’s a good idea to do something! A little movement goes a long way!

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Videographer: Yayo Ahumada; video editor: Craig Hotti; exercise consultant: Michelle Lovitt; location: Peerspace; clothing: Alo Yoga

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