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Valentine’s Day Love Message: 7 Signs of True Love

I was a divorced woman with 2 young granddaughters temporarily under my wing. I was a small business person, a personal property certified appraiser also managing an antique mall in a large historical home. I was just trying to survive. Then my knight in shining armor appeared. Actually he was a casual friend that I had conversed with over several years on a number of occasions. Then he asked me for a date and the rest is history.

Couple Spending Time TogetherSo I, as a second timer, not really wanting to try again, skeptical, and afraid, began a relationship that was the best and most valuable of my life. I’m sharing some special insight examples of how to tell true love when you find it.

This new man in my life and I dated and got to know each other. During this time his mom lost her husband who she loved dearly and also a second marriage relationship. However, during their marriage, her husband did not like antiques or primitives which she loved. To please him, much of her beloved former treasures had sat gathering dust in a barn for 20 plus years.

She decided she wanted them out and restored. Well, as it happened, I had been restoring antiques and primitives as a dealer in earlier life, so on an unusually balmy Oregon Valentine’s weekend, her son and I volunteered to dig everything out of the barn and see what we could do to revive her collection for placement in her home.

You had to have been there! The dust and the cobwebs of 20 years piled down on us as we unburied her numerous stacked wooden and metal collectibles. A wooden butter churn, dough bowls, an old wringer, copper boiler, and much more were reclaimed but oh, so dirty, so dry, and so in need of some TLC! Drawing on my personal experience with restoration, we had purchased my old standby, linseed oil and some mineral spirits. I went to work. About 5-6 hours later, glory of glories, beautiful pieces were reclaimed and drying. However, the “reclaimer” (me) was a dripping oily mess in old shorts and a very oily tee shirt I was not a pretty sight!

So what are signs of true love?

1. If that special person thinks you are beautiful when you are a mess, it is true love!

While I was literally dripping in linseed oil, in an oversize soiled t-shirt, his mom and he presented me with the family heirloom engagement ring and he asked me to marry him. What could I say, but yes! It was Valentine’s Day and was the first day of the best days of my life!

I won’t go into stories so much on the rest but wanted to share this special Valentine story of true love at the extreme (smile) with you.

2. When he brings you coffee in bed in the morning.

Drinking Coffee in BedThis is especially true if you happen to be like me and a night person. You do not want to talk to me before my first cup of coffee! So maybe it just shows how smart and intuitive this guy is!

3. When there is little money, one of your Christmas gifts is a chore coupon.

It has made up gift chores for him in which you give him a number of coupons to use at will for doggy do pick up in the yard. (We at the time had 3 dogs). It was not one of his favorite chores! He never used one of those coupons.

4. When there is a dispute within the family and your partner stands by you without even knowing the circumstances of the dispute.

Pretty awesome, and in this case was with his MOM. Wow.

5. When, in a second marriage, before and after the marriage, your partner takes on your children, and your whole family and makes them his own.

One family, joined. It is an amazing gift of love, patience, and sacrifice. You know you have a very very special person when you see that begin to happen.

6. When your partner gives you your time to be you, while also taking his/her personal time to be themselves.

When a mate is ok with accepting you as you are, respecting you and loving you for who you are…giving you the space you need…and taking that for themselves. You have not only true love, you have a life mate, a true equal team mate.

7. When that person is ready and willing to remake their whole life to fulfill yours, to move or do what is necessary to make the relationship work.

When they do this without regret or resentment, you have found true love and a willing to compromise that is wonderful.

When you find a partner who shows in word and deed every day that you are the most important and joyful addition to their life. When you find a person who loves you as you are, no need of fixing or changing. When you get even 4-5 of these signs of true love, don’t hesitate. Go for it! You have been given the rare gift of true and unconditional love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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