7 Signs of Love that Prove it's the Real Deal
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7 Signs of Love that Prove it’s the Real Deal

I was a divorced woman with 2 young granddaughters temporarily under my wing. I was a small business person, a personal property certified appraiser also managing an antique mall in a large historical home. I was just trying to survive. Then my knight in shining armor appeared. Actually he was a casual friend that I had conversed with over several years on a number of occasions. Then he asked me for a date and the rest is history. So I, as a second timer, skeptical, and afraid, began a relationship that was the best and most valuable of my life. I’m sharing some signs of love I saw that could mean it’s real for you too.

1. When he brings you coffee in bed in the morning.

This is especially true if you happen to be like me and a night person. Maybe it just shows how intuitive this guy is! But really it shows that he is willing to go out of his way for you. And if he knows exactly how you like your morning joe, it shows how he pays attention to you and what you like.

2. He does things around the home.

signs of love

When money was tight, he gifted me with a chore coupon book. He never once complained when I used a coupon and asked him to clean the backyard of the mess our 3 large dogs made. But it’s a sign of love when he does things around the house not just for special occasions or because you ask him to. When he does it of his own volition, he is just showing that he cares for the home you live in, and wants you to be comfortable.

3. If that special person thinks you are beautiful when you are a mess.

While dating, my new guy’s mom lost her husband. During their marriage, her husband did not like antiques, which she loved. To please him, much of her beloved treasures sat gathering dust in a barn for years. She decided she wanted them out and restored.

So, on an unusually balmy Oregon Valentine’s weekend, her son and I volunteered to dig everything out of the barn and revive her collection for placement. About 5 hours later, beautiful pieces were reclaimed and drying. However, I was a dripping, oily mess in old shorts and a very oily tee shirt.

Then and there, his mom and he presented me with the family heirloom engagement ring. He asked me to marry him. What could I say, but yes!

4. Your partner stands by you.

It’s a fact of life that there will be disputes and spats in your life. How your partner treats you during these times can be one of the signs of love. Does he back you up? If the disagreement is with his family, does he stick up for you? Even if he may disagree with you, does he not belittle your view in front of others? All are signs that he loves and cares for you.

5. When, in a second marriage, your partner takes on your children, and your whole family, and makes them his own.

One family, joined. It is an amazing gift of love, patience, and sacrifice. You know you have a very special person when you see that begin to happen.

6. Your partner gives you your time to be you, while also taking time to be themselves.

It can be easy to get lost in a new relationship. But when you both make time to pursue your interests, friendships and hobbies outside of each other it is a sign of a healthy relationship. You have not only found love, but you have found a true teammate.

7. When that person is ready and willing to do what is necessary to make the relationship work.

Maybe it means supporting you while you pursue your dreams or vice versa. Maybe it means moving with you to a new city for a job. Or helping you care for an ailing parent. When they do this without regret or resentment, you have found true love and a willingness to compromise that is wonderful.

This list is not a checklist. If you have even 4-5 of these signs of love, don’t hesitate. Go for it! You have been given the rare gift of true and unconditional love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.



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