Spring Shoes We Love!

This past weekend marked the first official day of spring, and I, for one, think it couldn’t get here fast enough. Suddenly birds are singing, and the squirrels are back, en masse, trying to defeat the bird feeder. With the move to spring, I can put away my snow boots until next year (or until a spring snow makes a surprise appearance) and start going through my spring apparel. While I might still need some waterproof shoes for those April showers, I’m always excited to get out my spring shoes and bring them back into my wardrobe rotation. 

This year I’m in need of some new footwear because mine is starting to wear out, and also because there are some fun new fashion trends out this year. This year’s crop of ladies’ shoes will give even the most selective, shoe-obsessed woman over 50 more styles, colors, and heel variations than we can imagine!

Spring/Summer Trends We Love for 2022

This year’s spring shoe fashion runs the board from clogs to lace-up sandals and a world of options in between. Sneakers are still in, but they’ve got a more fashion-forward approach this year and aren’t just a plain old pair of shoes. We’re still elevating the loafer from its ‘preppy’ origins and pairing it with a variety of bottoms, from capris to straight-leg trousers. Ballet flats are still on track for a comfortable heel-less option, and they pair well with pretty much anything. 

Flashy pumps are on the rise with fun patterns and daring embellishments. You can dress them up or down to suit your purpose, and the availability of lower, kitten, or block heels makes them easier on the feet and legs. 

You’ll see celebrities out and about in slouchy boots, flats, and sneakers – often paired with trendy capris and a designer handbag. Basically, the looks are limitless this year, as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin. There’s even talk that cowboy boots will make an appearance this spring – and having Texas roots, I have to say I welcome the idea of cowboy boots and a flowy dress. 

Below we break down the styles and select the most “prime womanish” choices, so you can #ShopTheLook.

Top Spring/Summer Shoe Trends

Flashy Pumps

What’s not to love about a sexy heel? Not only are you taller, but psychologists say we feel more confident in a pair of heels. We love our shoes because of the way they make us feel, and nothing makes us feel more empowered than a 3+ inch heel! However, we’re getting more partial to the block heel for a long day at work, and thankfully, there are lots of options this season.

Gabino Slingback Pump
Gabino Slingback Pump, $88.95
Maren Pumps
Maren Pumps, $158
Ferryanne Slingback Pump
Ferryanne Slingback Pump, $99
La Medusa Slingback Pointed Toe Pump
La Medusa Slingback Pointed Toe Pump, $1,275
J.Renée Yazmine Pointed Toe Slingback Pump
J.Renée Yazmine Pointed Toe Slingback Pump, $99.95

Fashion Sneakers

Athleisure wear has ushered in another trend: wearing sneakers with virtually everything! While we’re no proponent of that trend, there are certainly some great-looking sneakers on the market in various styles and colors that look good with any number of outfits and are suitable for multiple occasions. Just don’t give up your dress shoes. Otherwise, it makes it appear as if you’ve thrown in the towel! With that said, here are some shoes we love to wear with our most casual looks.

Hank Sneaker
Hank Sneaker, $238
Nylite Plus Canvas
Nylite Plus Canvas, $51.64
V-10 Sneakers in Colorblock
V-10 Sneakers in Colorblock, $150
Lane Stripe
Lane Stripe, $150
Retro Runner Shearling Sneakers
Retro Runner Shearling Sneakers, $131.25


Clogs offer a wealth of options, and they are definitely shoes we love for ease of wear. They are known for having a block heel, but they span pretty much every style, from strappy to open toe to dressy to a more bohemian look. Either way, you will want a couple of pairs of clogs for work, casual, and more formal occasions this season. Clogs with a sandal feel are perfect for the warmer summer months and go perfectly with a pair of capri pants or a spring dress.

Convertible leather clogs
Convertible leather clogs, $94.50
All Day Open Toe Clog
All Day Open Toe Clog, $160
The Jordyn Clog in Woven Leather
The Jordyn Clog in Woven Leather, $178

Cecila Platform Clog
Cecila Platform Clog, $54.97


Platforms are all about adding a little height while offering a block toe that gives you a bit more support. Gone are the days of struggling on stiletto heels, get a nice pair of platform sandals, and you’ll be all set to wear them with a beautiful skirt, dress, or even a pair of capri pants. They’ll elongate your legs and make you appear more slender in the process! 

Dani Platform Sandal
Dani Platform Sandal, $49.99
Galilea Off White Platform Sandals
Galilea Off White Platform Sandals, $39.99
Original Grand Wedge Sandal
Original Grand Wedge Sandal, $119.99
Maize Platform Sandal
Maize Platform Sandal, $248
Wooden Platform Sandals
Wooden Platform Sandals, $180

Fisherman Sandals

These sandals aren’t just for the high seas; they’ve made a comeback in the fashion world. They offer comfort and style while supporting your feet and legs for busy days out and about. You’ll find a wealth of colors and heights to suit any outfit or occasion, and you’ll find it easy to dress them up or keep them more casual. 

Red Fisherman Sandals
Red Fisherman Sandals, $125
Delaney Fisherman Platform Sandal
Delaney Fisherman Platform Sandal, $158
Le Fisherman Sandal
Le Fisherman Sandal, $283
Fisherman Sport Sandals
Fisherman Sport Sandals, $125
Time and Tru Women's Strappy Sandals
Time and Tru Women’s Strappy Sandals, $17.98


Loafers are the flat of the moment and go with everything in your closet. They offer day-long comfort and style, and you’ll find they’re perfect for lunch out with friends or an afternoon running errands. This shoe style tends to work best with skinny jeans, slim trousers, or straight cropped jeans.

Ballet Loafer
Ballet Loafer, $298
Soft Loafer
Soft Loafer, $129
Tassel loafers
Tassel loafers, $49.50
Loraine Bit Loafer
Loraine Bit Loafer, $130
The Corinne Lugsole Loafer
The Corinne Lugsole Loafer, $158

Sports Sandals

Sports sandals are perfect for a day hike (certain styles, of course) or a day out with friends. They’ve really come onto the scene in recent years because they offer comfort and stylish versatility. I personally prefer a good pair of Chacos when I head to the beach or out for a day of boating on the lake. That way I’m steady on my feet, but I still look good if we pop into a beach-front restaurant or marina. 

Atelier 03 Rose Edition Slide Sandals
Atelier 03 Rose Edition Slide Sandals, $980
Lake3 Sporty Sandals
Lake3 Sporty Sandals, $59
Kinetic Sandal
Kinetic Sandal, $130
The ReNew Sport Sandal
The ReNew Sport Sandal, $75
Original Universal Sandal
Original Universal Sandal, $54.99

Modern Ballet Flat

When you think of flats, you may conjure up visions of that Parisian gal who always looks chic, no matter what she is wearing. But if you examine her attire a little more closely, you’ll find they are always paired with a pant or skirt that balances the flat shoe and elongates the leg. Think skinny jeans, slim trousers, straight cropped jeans, A-line dresses, and shorter skirts. If you are a bit challenged in the height department, buy a flat (or heel for that matter) in nude to create an unbroken line that lengthens the whole silhouette.

Square Toe Ballerina Flat
Square Toe Ballerina Flat, $395
Pointed-Toe Ballet Flats
Pointed-Toe Ballet Flats, $89.95
Pointed Toe Ballet Flat
Pointed Toe Ballet Flat, $14.95
Minnie Travel Ballet Flat
Minnie Travel Ballet Flat, $228
Guilhermina Square-Toe Ballet Flats
Guilhermina Square-Toe Ballet Flats, $120

Slouchy Boots

While you wouldn’t typically think of boots for spring or summer footwear, slouchy boots are the perfect cross-seasonal shoe. If you’re planning to wear a light summer dress or want to dress up your outfit for an evening out, they’re a great addition. The wide selection of colors, heel styles, fabrics, and heel heights makes it easy for any mature woman to find the right pair. 

Silent D Tach Slouchy Ankle Boots
Silent D Tach Slouchy Ankle Boots, $190
Skylar Slouchy Suede Mid Boots
Skylar Slouchy Suede Mid Boots, $278
Midshaft Suede Slouchy Boot
Midshaft Suede Slouchy Boot, $239
Midshaft Suede Slouchy Boot
Midshaft Suede Slouchy Boot, $143
Ruched Mid-Calf Suede Boots
Ruched Mid-Calf Suede Boots, $965

Lace-Up Sandals

Lace-up sandals are sleek and chic and add a little wow to any outfit. This style works well with capris, skirts, shorts… you name it, and you’ll find a pair that will fit the bill. This shoe is especially well-suited if you’re going for a bohemian look because they pair well with flowing skirts or loose-fitting pants. 

Block Heel Ghillie Sandal
Block Heel Ghillie Sandal, $195
Infinity Sandal
Infinity Sandal, $375
Boho Bohemia Gladiator Sandal
Boho Bohemia Gladiator Sandal, $23.59
Trent tie leg flatform sandals
Trent tie leg flatform sandals, $43.50
Jungle Stone & Beige Laced Up Sandal
Jungle Stone & Beige Laced Up Sandal, $158

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