Expert Winter Hair Care Tips For Your Best Hair Yet

The cold winter months can be hard on your hair. Here are some great tips and products that will help keep your locks looking fresh and full of life.
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With winter on our doorstep and humidity circling our heads, it’s essential to make sure we’re taking the proper steps to ensure our hair is hydrated, shiny, and free of static. So whether you’re shopping for winter hair products or just need some advice on beating those dreaded dry, static-y strands, keep reading for expert winter hair care tips.

How To Beat Hair Static

Hair Static

Stepping out with static-filled hair can be a bit embarrassing. To help prevent it, make sure to opt for silk, cashmere, and wool fabrics for your coats, scarves, etc. Synthetic fibers and fabrics will cause a ton of hair static. Here are some other ways to help prevent hair static in the winter:

  • Skip plastic combs and use a metal one instead because plastic can attract static. 
  • Rub a dryer sheet on your pillow before bed. Some people even rub a dryer sheet on their hair, but we recommend you simply start with your pillow first.
  • Dry your hair with an ionic blow dryer. They are said to emit negatively charged ions to beat dry stands. The drier the hair, the more likely it will become filled with static. 
  • Run a light moisturizer or hair serum over your ends.

How To Protect Hair Against Cold Weather

Extreme cold can be as damaging to hair as extreme heat and UV exposure, especially if you have a color or chemically-treated process. So, consider using a protection serum! When it comes to protecting your hair from harsh winds, you’ll want to pick a serum over a protective oil because heavy oils may cause hair to appear greasy and flat. You’ll also want to avoid being outdoors with wet hair in extreme cold because frozen hair can actually snap off! 

A good serum will offer protection against heat, extreme cold, UV rays, and humidity. The Kérastase Serum protects the hair from all four without weighing down the hair. Simply apply a pea-sized amount to sectioned-off wet hair before blow-drying. Your hair will feel and look thicker! You can also apply a small amount to dry hair to smooth frizz. 

How To Pick The Right Shampoo For Cold Weather

When selecting the right shampoo for fall and winter (and any season, really), it’s always best to choose a sulfate-free, silicone, and paraben-free formula. A PH shampoo of 5.50 – 6.50 is perfect, not just for healthy hair but also for a healthy scalp. Volumizing shampoos tend to clean hair lightly, which means they shy away from the hydrating compounds that are needed to protect hair from cold weather. Hence, it’s highly recommended that you pick a shampoo that is specifically designed to hydrate your hair, control frizz, or repair damage. 

Let pH be your guide for picking the right shampoo, but also pay attention to whether or not the formulation contains raw ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin B5, and pantothenic acid. These ingredients are designed to work their way into your hair shaft, repair the damage caused by cold weather or strong winds, provide a protective coating, and keep your hair looking nice and sleek.

Invest In A Great Deep Conditioning Mask

Healthy-looking hair is hydrated hair, so during the months when things can feel a little drier than usual, you’ll definitely want to use a hair mask. A weekly or monthly hair mask helps to deeply condition strands, replenishing your hair with the moisture it craves. Look for masks that strengthen damaged hair and help prevent future damage.

If you suffer from dandruff from a dry, flaky scalp during the winter months, apply a heavier oil treatment such as coconut oil or castor oil directly to the scalp. Let the oil sink in for 20-30 minutes to deeply moisturize the scalp, then wash your hair as usual. 

Use A Humidifier This Season

woman sleeping with a humidifier for sinus relief

Want to know a surprising way to fight dry hair in the winter? Use a humidifier. Indoor heating causes the air in your home to become very dry, pulling moisture out of your hair. Humidifiers help rehydrate the air to keep your locks looking lustrous. During the colder months, indoor heating tends to zap a lot of moisture out and dry the hair out, sometimes leaving a dry, flaky scalp. Opt for an overnight hair mask and sleep with the humidifier on for an extra hydration boost. 

All brushes are not created equal, and if you’re experiencing thinning hair, there are certain brushes you should be using (and avoiding!) to keep your hair looking full, shiny, and healthy. Keep reading to learn what to look for in your perfect hairbrush, along with the best hairbrushes for thinning hair. 

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