Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 60

Capsule wardrobe

It seems that the older we get, the more we accumulate. And clothes, shoes, and accessories are usually some of our worst offenses. We tell ourselves that we will wear that dress that is two sizes too small one of these days, but the reality is we most likely won’t. Meantime, you’ve got so many items in your closet that trying to decide what to wear every day becomes complicated. That is where a capsule wardrobe can save the day.

A capsule wardrobe with a set number of items in your wardrobe that you can mix and match to create multiple outfits makes even more sense as we age. We are at that stage where we really do want to simplify our lives, and a capsule wardrobe allows you to do that. You’ll need fewer core pieces, but you’ll end up with more outfit options. This really isn’t too far outside of the norm for most people because we tend to alternate between a few of our favorite pieces already. 

This is also a great clothing approach if you aren’t a big fan of shopping because you’ll need to find and purchase fewer pieces. However, plan to take some time to find exactly what suits you and that the fit is exactly right. You may want to enlist a friend to go shopping with you because it’s always a good idea to get another opinion on what looks flattering on you. If you shop online, order several selections, invite a friend over, pick the best choices, and send the rest back. 

Minimalism At Its Finest

The key to a good capsule wardrobe is to select pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. Elect to stock your closet with core pieces that are black or navy or white, and beige for spring/summer. Since the fashion gods have determined that we can now wear white in winter, you can mix and match regardless of the season. Having your core pieces in one or two colors really helps when creating your outfits because they work well with most colors. Do save those fun colors you love for blouses, tees, scarves, and accessories. These items will make your outfits look different enough that you won’t look the same every time you step out the door. 

We put together a few ideas for building a core wardrobe. Included are white blouses and tees because they are basics, but you will want to add colorful pieces in this category, as well. Business suits are expensive, and the styles have not changed much over the years. Do get rid of any you haven’t worn in a couple of years, but if you do buy a suit, invest in the most expensive one you can. One really great suit is better than three inexpensive ones. Now to building a capsule wardrobe. Many of these you may already have, but the suggestions will help you decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to discard. 


The Plain White Tee

Ribbed Shrunken T-Shirt
Ribbed Shrunken T-Shirt, $45
Brightside Tee
Brightside Tee, $42
Vintage cotton crewneck T-shirt
Vintage cotton crewneck T-shirt, $34.50
Pima V Neck Tee
Pima V Neck Tee, $44.50
Cotton Modal Crew Neck Tee
Cotton Modal Crew Neck Tee, $15

The Straight-Leg Jean

Mid Rise Slim Jeans
Mid Rise Slim Jeans, $40
314 Shaping Straight Jeans
314 Shaping Straight Jeans, $48.65
Marilyn Straight Jeans
Marilyn Straight Jeans, $99
The Original Cheeky® Jean
The Original Cheeky® Jean, $98
Banana Republic Ultra High-Rise Wide-Leg Crop Jean
Ultra High-Rise Wide-Leg Crop Jean, $150

The Crew-Neck Knit

Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater
Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, $50
Cotton Teddie sweater
Cotton Teddie sweater, $39.50
The Cashmere Crew
The Cashmere Crew, $145
Studio Barre Sweatshirt
Studio Barre Sweatshirt, $69

The Breton Tee

The Owen T-Shirt
The Owen T-Shirt, $85
Classic-fit boatneck top in stripe
Classic-fit boatneck top in stripe, $49.50
¾ Sleeve Raglan Tee
¾ Sleeve Raglan Tee, $49.50
Long Sleeve Breton Top
Long Sleeve Breton Top, $40

Gold Jewelry

14K Gold Thin Classic Gold Hoop Earrings
14K Gold Thin Classic Gold Hoop Earrings, $175
Golden Petal Earrings
Golden Petal Earrings, $48
Pure Jill New Beginnings Neutral Statement Earrings
Pure Jill New Beginnings Neutral Statement Earrings, $34
Ross-Simons Turquoise Highway Ring in 18kt Gold Over Sterling
Ross-Simons Turquoise Highway Ring in 18kt Gold Over Sterling, $66.75

The Cross-Body Bag

The Transport Saddlebag
The Transport Saddlebag, $142.50
Italian Leather Crossbody Bag
Italian Leather Crossbody Bag, $99.90
Knott Medium Saddle Bag
Knott Medium Saddle Bag, $222
Harper Large Flap Crossbody
Harper Large Flap Crossbody, $149.99

The Oversized Button-Down

Classic Insignia Shirt
Classic Insignia Shirt, $99.97
Blue Multi Stripe Boyfriend Shirt
Blue Multi Stripe Boyfriend Shirt, $128
The Oversized Tunic
The Oversized Tunic, $100
The Relaxed Oxford Shirt
The Relaxed Oxford Shirt, $85
The Signature Poplin Oversized Shirt
The Signature Poplin Oversized Shirt, $85

The Black Ankle Boot

Modtray Water Resistant Ankle Boot
Modtray Water Resistant Ankle Boot, $199.95
Adrienne Vittadini Noelle Boot
Adrienne Vittadini Noelle Boot, $99.95
The Glove Boot
The Glove Boot, $140
Basel Leather Booties
Basel Leather Booties, $97.30

The Knitted Dress

Henley Sweater Midi Dress
Henley Sweater Midi Dress, $54.99
Delancey Dress
Delancey Dress, $84.99
Mila Tie Waist Turtleneck Sweater Dress
Mila Tie Waist Turtleneck Sweater Dress, $268
Mongolian Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater Dress
Mongolian Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater Dress, $99.90

The Trench Coat

Poplar Green Short Greta Showerproof
Poplar Green Short Greta Showerproof, $375
Classic Twill Trench
Classic Twill Trench, $110
Girl On The Go Insulated Trench Coat
Girl On The Go Insulated Trench Coat, $137.40
VIP Blazer Trench
VIP Blazer Trench, $238

The Tailored Trouser

WHBM® Luna Wide Leg Trouser
WHBM® Luna Wide Leg Trouser, $110
The Perfect Pant
The Perfect Pant, $168
Stellar Trouser
Stellar Trouser, $129
Willa full-length flare pant
Willa full-length flare pant, $125.99

The Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Moto Jacket
Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $159
100% Washed Leather Biker Jacket
100% Washed Leather Biker Jacket, $169.90
Up on a Tuesday Burgundy Vegan Leather Jacket
Up on a Tuesday Burgundy Vegan Leather Jacket, $138.50
Fitted Leather Jacket
Fitted Leather Jacket, $450

The White Sneaker

Road trip sneakers
Road trip sneakers, $49
Wool Pipers
Wool Pipers, $110
Vionic Winny Sneaker
Vionic Winny Sneaker, $119.99
The ReLeather® Court Sneaker
The ReLeather® Court Sneaker, $110

The Black Coat

Asymmetric Belted Maxi Coat
Asymmetric Belted Maxi Coat, $135.99
The ReNew Long Liner
The ReNew Long Liner, $198
New lady day topcoat in Italian double-cloth wool
New lady day topcoat in Italian double-cloth wool, $398
VIP Blazer Trench
VIP Blazer Trench, $238

As you perused the items listed, you probably started mentally building outfits as you scrolled down the page. White tank + maxi skirt + denim jacket = an amazing outfit for a day at the beach, lunch with friends, or happy hour with your significant other. Hopefully, you’ll find inspiration to add some items to your capsule wardrobe to save yourself some time and energy when selecting an outfit for the day. 

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