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ProBioraPet survey The results are in! Responding to a survey conducted by ProBioraPet®, dog and cat owners in North America reported on their pet’s breath. And while the results aren’t too surprising, the good news is bad pet breath can be fixed! Fifty-eight percent of pet owners said their pets have terrible breath, and they weren’t shy about describing their pet’s breath either. Here’s how they compared their pet’s breath:

  • 47 % said smelly garbage
  • 37% said old leftovers in the fridge
  • 16% said sweaty gym clothes


Gross! But surprisingly, smelly breath doesn’t keep pet owners from showing the love. Only 19 percent said bad breath stopped them from getting close to or kissing their pets, while a whopping 81 percent said bad breath didn’t stop them from being cuddly close with their pets. (We didn’t survey human marriage partners, but we wonder if the results would be the same.)

Despite all that puppy love, 82 percent of pet owners understand that bad breath can signify underlying health conditions. As a matter of fact, dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. According to the American Veterinary Dental Council, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some degree of dental disease by the age of three. The early signs include bad breath, yellow tartar buildup on the teeth, and red and swollen gums. Early detection of your pet’s dental disease is vital. If left untreated, it will progress to cause chronic pain and inflammation or worse.

Survey respondents were asked if they would consider a product that freshens breath and improves oral health. A whopping 91 percent of pet parents said yes. Is fresher breath just around the corner for American pets? We certainly hope so, as there’s a very simple and affordable way to give your pet optimal oral health – ProBioraPet®. Seriously, all it takes is just one scoop a day of this oral care probiotic with no taste and no odor mixed into your pet’s food to take care of their dental health and do away with bad breath. How does it work? Just like in humans, cats’ and dogs’ mouths contain millions of bacteria – some beneficial and some harmful. ProBioraPet® repopulates the beneficial bacteria which colonizes on tooth surfaces and along the gum line, in essence crowding out the bad bacteria, which leads to periodontal disease and smelly breath.

And some pet parents are already in the know. In a separate poll of ProBioraPet® customers, 88 percent reported that their pet’s breath has improved since they started using it. Several reported their pet’s breath is ‘now sweet enough for them to give me kisses’ and ‘their breath is clean even in the car with the windows rolled up!’

ProBioraPet dog laying in grass

And if you like the way this sounds, guess what? There’s are ProBiora® Health formulas for people, too!

Check out www.ProBioraPet.com for more information! 

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