Prime Pick: CBD edibles make tasty doses

No one had to convince me of the benefits of CBD. I’m way past wondering:

  • If CBD is legal (it is)
  • If CBD will make me high (it doesn’t because industrial hemp is sterile)
  • What “full spectrum” means (it has all the cannabinoids which work together for maximum benefits)
  • If brands matter for purity and effectiveness (they do)
  • If the more expensive higher dose is worth it (it is)

People use CBD for all kinds of issues. I take it to help anxiety and inflammation. My son, who has ADHD, uses CBD to help him sleep and have increased appetite when he takes his meds (though you should double-check on interactions before taking CBD with any medication).

Even though none of these solutions have massive research studies proving effectiveness or approval by the FDA, we notice a personal difference. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence backing up my opinion. Start reading testimonials, and you’ll need tissues for tears of hope.

I’m sold on CBD. The issue is the taste. And the smell.

I’ve tried all kinds of tinctures, where you put the drops under your tongue and hold it for 30 seconds. Some taste like what I smell at concerts. Others had a tart flavor. They all were oily. And I had a hard time counting those drops and holding them in my mouth.

So I wanted to try the CBD edibles. I don’t know why my hesitation. First, it sounded like brownies at a college party. Second, I’m not really into candy. But once the order came, these worries were silly. This is grownup candy. Gourmet treats with foodie-style ingredients. And every single bite-sized piece gave me an almost instant calm.

Out of the CBD edibles I tried, these three are the absolute winners.

1. Salt Water Taffy by beeZbee.

Salt water taffy - one of my favorite CBD edibles
7 flavors of salty calm

Mine were Bergamot Orange, but there are six different flavors. Yum. Not always a fan of orange flavored things but these taffies changed my mind. Loved the bergamot oil addition. Mildly sweet but with an addictive sea salt finish. You’ll want to have several. But don’t! Each taffy has 20MG of CBD isolate each, which is usually plenty for a daily dose. $49.95


2. Chocolate Bars by Todd Adams

Dark Chocolate CBD edibles
Rich chocolate with double the benefits

My mom got me started on one square of dark chocolate a night, so I’ve tasted my share of fine cacao. These beat them all. Seriously.

The Holy Grail, a combo of milk chocolate, pretzel, peanut, toffee and sea salt lives fully up to its name. The ingredients are chopped fine for a tiny bit of crunch and all the flavor — without big chunks, allowing you to savor each nibble. Sticking to one square a day took extra willpower.

The 72% dark was tastily strong — just the tiniest bit sweet, without going bitter. Perfect with a glass of red wine. There are seven different flavors to try. Each has a total of 200MG of undetectable full spectrum CBD. $22.95

3. Organic CBD gummies by beeZbee

Organic CBD edibles in gummy formThese sweet little hearts have all kinds of goodness in them. Organic means natural dyes and nothing artificial. The CBD is full spectrum and CO2 extracted (the cleanest extraction). Plus they are vegan. Each piece has 25 MG of CBD, so space them out. These gummies taste like concentrated fruit juice with a crunchy sugar coating. $35.95

These CBD edibles make taking and dosing really easy. I craved these flavors and looked forward to the right moment to pop a piece in my mouth. Which, for me, was every day. But you could space them out to make the candies last longer.

I will give you a tip. If you want an immediate effect, like becoming calm when anxious, taking a larger dose will get you there quicker. There is no harm in taking extra either, it’s all about the level of calm you want to feel. But it’s not the kind of treat to eat an entire bar or bag.

All of these CBD edibles came from The shipment came pretty quickly and was free because my order was more than $50. I noticed they have flavored tinctures, so I might try those next. But I really think the edibles are the way to go. If you live in a hot area, wait until cooler weather to order the chocolate, though I had no issues on the west coast.

Oh…they also have pet treats. I’ve heard some really great stories about CBD improvement in dogs and cats for things like calm during storms and recovery or joint help.





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