Prime Pick: Best Solar-Charging Battery Pack

prime pick bigblue solar charger

Picture This:

During the summer, you roam. Whether you are working or scouting your next travel destination, you’ll likely do so from the park, the beach or from destinations around the world while on vacation.

Sounds fabulous, right? Know what’s missing? Power. 

Meet the BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger.

BigBlue 28W Solar Charging Bank

Consider how much we charge our phone.  Part or all of that can be powered by the sun, for free!

Here’s Why We Love This Specific Model

It’s lightweight. Only 1.5 pounds. It’s easy to use. And it comes highly recommended by notable tech magazines like the New York Times, Designed specifically for all those people with a passion for trekking, camping, hiking, picnics, fishing, boat, etc. This charger is also part-smart tech, as it’s waterproof internal chip knows if it loses contact with sunlight momentarily because of clouds, or on the trail when heading into dense forests. The battery will stop charging until it comes back into contact with the sunrays, without damaging your connected device.

How to Use It

Prime Pick: Best Solar-Charging Battery Pack

Place the charger anywhere there is access to direct sunlight and relax, admiring the panorama as you charge your cell phone, tablet, GoPro, or DSLR camera. Note: This won’t charge laptops.

Do note that this item is only a solar charger and does not store power long term. That has an upside, as the power provided by solar charge goes directly into your device, for a faster charging experience. The options for battery+solar charging are slow, heavy and cost too much for what they’re offering.

For long-term power to use in tandem with this solar charger, we suggest grabbing a small external battery, like the Jackery on Amazon for $14. This solar charger will easily charge the portable battery when you have longer spans of time in the sun. That’s where some of the nuances of design come in handy. The kit includes 4 hooks, allowing you to hook your solar panel on your bag, or trees,  backpacks, curtains, etc.

Prime Pick: Best Solar-Charging Battery Pack

Other Specifications

When folded it has the same size and thickness as a magazine. It’s compatible with all USB rechargeable devices, making it a great way to incorporate the move towards ‘green power’ into your daily life.

The kit includes a micro USB cable for older Android devices and DSLRs. You will need to provide your own cable for other devices, which is no biggie. If you’re a newer Android, you can grab a USB C to Micro USB Adapter on Amazon, 3 for $6. 

Prime Pick: Best Solar-Charging Battery PackPrime Pick: Best Solar-Charging Battery Pack








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