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Leadership Growth

Get Inspired: 5 Ways to Beat Career Burnout

After spending a decade or more building a solid career, you’ve finally arrived at the pinnacle of your industry. Your friends admire you, your colleagues respect you and your superiors have even higher expectations for you. But somehow you no longer feel inspired. The determination that got you to this… Read more


October Fashion Agenda

October 1st: International Coffee Day Brown is the Black for Fall & Winter Fashion in 2018. It's softer, and comes in a variety of shades from dark chocolate to caramels. The western trend has also influenced this move from black to brown this season. As much as we love the… Read more

Vacation Homes

Incomparable Jackson Hole

There are few places on earth that can match Jackson Hole for beauty, majesty, and pure escape from the world. In fact, Jackson Hole tops Barron’s list of America’s Best Retreats and for good reasons. Barron’s sites things like: 1. Low property taxes (Wyoming property taxes tend to total about… Read more


Nutrition after 50: What’s the 411 on RDA?

Even the healthiest diets can use a makeover from time to time. As we get older, we need fewer of some nutrients, while others become more important. Are there changes you should start making to your meal plans? What about supplements? Read on to find some general guidelines for women… Read more

Finding Balance

Going with the Flow: A Period Piece

Last night, the night before turning 50, my 47-year-old brother called me. “This is the last time I’m going to speak to you in your forties,” he said. “Wow, this is big. Turning 50 is big.” He asked me how I was feeling. “I feel fine,” I told him, and… Read more


Check Your Emotional Meter

In our busy world today, we may often feel overloaded, both physically and emotionally. These may be very real and concrete stressors, placed on us by demands of family or work. Or they may be quick and furious reactions to everyday frustrations like getting stuck in traffic or having a… Read more


10 Prime Picks for Early Fall

We don't know about where you are, but where we are, we are seeing (or maybe we should say FEELING) the first tiniest chill in the air. That is if you can call the 70s chilly. But regardless, it has given us the fall fashion "wants." So, this week, we've… Read more


Intermittent Fasting: What You Should Know

People fast for many different reasons. For instance, one usually fasts the night before they have surgery, and before some medical tests, too. Of course, many of us have that one friend who boasts they fast three or four times a week to stay thin. It seems outrageous to go… Read more