Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss In Women After 50: What To Do

Are you a woman suffering from what appears hair loss after 50? Menopause is a thing ladies that has all sorts of losses attached to it. I’m not saying it’s the cause of hair loss, but as we age we do notice a difference in our hair. One can notice visible changes in the hair structure: less or more curls, waves or even frizz, a stronger wire texture especially as grey sets in or the opposite, thin fragile hair lacking luster and oomph.

Do Not Confuse Breakage For Hair Loss

The average person has about 100,000 hairs on their head. But when problems like menopause, hypothyroidism, pollution and a bad diet occur, one needs to pay attention as hair is one of the first areas affected and in the case of hair breakage, simple home hair care may be the answer.

Hair loss can be verified by checking first on your hairline, this will be the tell tale if hair is receding. Breakage can be recognized when ends are thin and wispy compared to the rest of the hair. Check your pillows or coat shoulders for full length strands left behind or shorter broken sections of hair.

Hair Breakage

Any form of chemical treatment like perms, permanent color or straightening of hair, even regular use of hot tools, if not correctly applied. attribute to weakened hair, therefore nurturing with good home care products is essential. Using a PH balanced shampoo, a conditioner to preserve the hair shaft in a healthy state and a daily protector against heated tools and UV damage are vital essentials as we age.


Hair Breakage: Before and after Iles Formula 3 Step System Haircare.

There is a big focus today on high end niche brands based on sheer high performance.

Iles Formula 3 Step System composed of their signature shampoo, conditioner and finishing serum prevents breakage by repairing weakened or damaged hair shaft INSTANTLY and is effective on ALL hair types. Results are  truly immediate. By shutting down the hair cuticle the conditioner strengthens and instantly repairs frayed, fragile hair.

Iles Formula 3 Step System

Iles Formula 3 Step System, $105

The Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing Serum with its base of a silk ingredient, if blow dried in, makes each strand feel and appear thicker and at the same time lustrous and soft.

Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing Serum

Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing Serum, $46

Natural remedies of herbs and oils help promote healthy hair growth as well. Herbs like Indian gooseberry, ginkgo biloba, aloe vera, ginseng, rose and lavender all have been noted to treat baldness and help hair-regrowth, but this does not happen overnight. It takes time for the daily doses to enter the blood stream and deliver a result.

Hair Loss In Women

Excessive daily hair shedding (which is know as telogen effluvium) occurs as the result of an internal imbalance or upset, such as a nutritional deficiency, severe stress, crash dieting or an illness. If you are a vegetarian, do check your B12 levels.

Let’s not forget hormones and the part they play in regulating the hair growth cycle. Female hormones oestrogens are ‘hair friendly’ and help to keep hair in their growth phase. Androgens male hormones are not very hair friendly, and can shorten the hair growth cycle. Check with your doctor if you are on hormone replacement therapy after menopause, they probably can regulate the inbalance in your monthly prescription.

The thyroid gland helps to regulate the body’s metabolism by controlling the production of proteins and tissue use of oxygen. Any thyroid imbalance can therefore affect hair follicles radically. If you are uncertain, have your thyroid checked.

Another common cause of hair loss in women is an iron deficiency. Iron is essential for producing hair cell protein, without it, your strands will suffer. An excellent source of iron is parsley, so sprinkle on most meals to be sure your daily intake is sufficient.

Nioxin Night Density Serum claims to grow lost hair back.

Nioxin Night Density Rescue

Nioxin Night Density Rescue, $29.69

There are also a variety of hair procedures you could choose from: hair transplants, hair grafts and even Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to help strengthen your brittle tresses. Hair restoration treatments are usually conducted at a doctor’s office or medical spa. LLLT is an FDA approved, non-surgical treatment for hair loss. It utilizes near-infrared radiation to help improve blood flow to the hair follicles. Do remember to always do your research to ensure that whatever you use; whether it’s a natural remedy, specific product, or a procedure, would be beneficial for you.

Before and after low level laser therapy.

Remember in summer we shed more hair than we do in winter, just look at our pets and their shedding of fur in summer. We are no different, so don’t become alarmed unnecessarily at the change of a season.

Hair loss may appear several months after a shock or diet deficiency. The most important thing is not to panic, see a trichologist or your family doctor. Once the problem has been addressed, in most cases your hair will bounce back. Remember hair is fed through the blood stream, so in 90% of the cases, hair fallout can be treated quite easily.

For hair breakage it’s mostly about home maintenance and regular trims. If unsure speak to your hairdresser, and do invest in high performance hair care to keep your strands in perfect condition from roots to ends.

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