Types of Bangs: Which Are Right For You?

When Kate Middleton was seen sporting freshly cut bangs last September, they suddenly became a “thing” again. While Prime Women aren’t typically slaves to celebrities’ latest hair styles, there is some good reasons why we might want to follow suit.  For years now, bangs have been referred to as the natural Botox. With aging, there is no better way to conceal those frown lines than by adding those lovely little wisps of hair called bangs.

Funny story – in England bangs are called “fringe”. Imagine the odd look I got when I worked in London as an American in training and asked my first client, “How long do you like your bangs?” She looked at me in fright and hurriedly rushed from my chair. I’ll let you guess what she thought I meant…

Bangs can work on any face shape, straight or curly and long or short hair. At my Paul Labrecque salons in New York, we tell everyone she can wear bangs if she wants. However, the question is deciding which one is best for you. There are all kinds of variations but three main types of bangs.

Three Main Types of Bangs:

Wispy and thin

Wispy Bang

Angled to the side

Bangs to One Side

Heavy and straight

Full Bang

Sandra Bullock with Bangs

All three types of bangs can be used to change a style and update a look. Hairstyles with bangs quickly recreate a client’s entire appearance. It’s important to know that bangs look best on longer faces, especially if they are thick and heavy.

Girls with a widow’s peak or cowlick have a horrible time getting straight bangs to fall flat. For shorter, smaller faces, particularly oval shaped, side bangs make a perfect change. Biggest faux pas in fashion is making your bangs super straight whilst leaving the rest of your hair curly. That look takes the sex right out of goddess and accentuates the myth of suburban looking hair.

Why do we have a love/hate relationship with bangs?

Once they are cut, they take forever to grow out, leaving a girl in a state of panic when she wants to tie her hair back to go to the gym. An alternative and quick fix is a clip-on bang piece – a small extension that put bangs in when they are needed and clips right out when you want to go for a run. Don’t be shocked. Many celebrities wear them. Think of how they just change their look so quickly.

I say, if you want to change your look but don’t want to get a big cut, try a bang. Consult with your stylist first on what bang is right for you.

Bangs always seem to me to bring the little girl out in a woman for one more walk down memory lane.

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