Fall Hair Colors for the Prime Woman

Fall hair trends - woman with lovely hair wearing a scarf

With summer almost behind us, we’re starting to see the changing colors of autumn with its tones of tangerine, reds, and warm browns that translate into fall hair colors for this season. They can be bold or muted colors marbled through to give the illusion of texture. It’s a joy to have these pretty shades brighten the gloomy weather days, and what better way to celebrate them than to incorporate them into our personal style. It’s not just about wearing some fall-based fashion, though; you should take a look at what’s on-trend with fall hair colors.

How to Get Your Hair Fall-Ready

After spending time in the summer sun for the last few months, our hair could use a little love. Between beach trips, chlorinated pools, or trips zipping around town with the windows down and the wind whipping through our hair, it’s fair to say we’ve dried it out a bit. Therefore, for your new fall color to take evenly, you’ll first need to address any issues with dryness or brittle hair. That’s because if we even out the porosity of the hair before changing or adding any color, the color will absorb more evenly and last longer. I suggest a week or two of treatments while you are waiting for your hair appointment for the best, most consistent results. 

Better not younger second chance shampoo and conditioner

To get rid of dryness and repair your hair, one excellent choice is the Better Not Younger Second Chance Repairing Duo ($72). Loaded with lipids, fatty acids, and an assortment of vitamins, this duo will give even the most damaged hair a new chance for moisture-rich, shiny, healthy-looking hair. Three or four good treatments should get you on the path to recovery.

Once the repair is done, it’s time to re-invent. In this year’s fall hair colors, we see many plays on color moving into a new form of Ombré where different shades of the same tone increase density to the hair ends. No more brown roots to pale blonde mid-lengths and ends that show little in the way of transition.

Fall Hair Colors for Blondes

Last season was all about cool and icy blondes. You will enjoy the return of the lustrous warm blondes with golden apricot and peach reflections. This is exceptionally pretty if several different hues are mixed together, delivering a high and low light effect to the color.

Fall Hair Color
Hair by Crown Hair

Another option is to try a strawberry root that transitions to gold, then transitions to pale gold on the ends. The gentle change of lightened shades looks beautiful and makes your hair look longer and more luscious. 

Blonde Balayage
Blonde Balayage

You can also opt for a rooted blonde Ombré look — it requires less maintenance and will save you some touch-up trips to the salon. The contrast will really stand out and bring a chic style to your hairdo. 
Ombré perfect for fall hair

Fall Hair Colors for Brunettes

The big fall hair color trend for brunettes is chocolate. One favorite is the mix of dark and milk chocolate shades together – some might even call it shades of cinnamon or coffee. Either way, you can imagine how pretty it can be transformed to hair color. The highlights give the base color a great dimension and add a nice texture to what would normally be a bold flat color.

Where roots appear, try ebony and transition to chocolate, then chestnut, or try a fabulous mocha that transitions to auburn then gold.

Fall hair bayalage

The idea is subtle shading of a recurring theme. It is both beautiful and highly elegant. Remember, a single process means just that one color. Add life and dimension by incorporating at least three tones into your hair. Your hair will shine, and you will feel like a million bucks.

Plus, this subtle shading is easy to maintain. So, if you are unable to see your hairstylist in a timely manner, you will not look bad in the meantime. The grow-out will look natural and stylish.

Fall Hair Colors for Auburn Hair

You are already on-trend, ladies, but nothing stops you from adding some golden or warmer red tones through your auburn locks to give more interest.

Hair Color Trends for fall
Hair by Edwards and Co
Hair Color Trends for Fall/ Winter 18
Hair by MC Hair Consultants

Keep in mind that these colors are all quite technical and should be executed by a good color technician. Do not attempt to do this coloring yourself, especially if you have white hair, as warm color pigments can be quite bright on white hair, and we don’t want that!

Care For Your Color At Home

Your color will be an investment, so preserve it as long as you can with great home care.
Heated tools, for example, will fade warm tones quickly and lead to damage. Make sure to use a good protectant spray to keep your hair soft and healthy.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a fresh look this fall! And while you’re at it, reward your locks with the best shampoos and conditioners

Best Fall Hair Colors



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