Over the course of the last year, we all became familiar with Zoom calls. While we might have gotten a taste of in-person action this summer, it seems we’re heading back towards having more electronic interactions because of the recent rise in cases. Hopefully, it’s not a trend that will be with us for long, but it’s best to prepare ourselves in case we have more computer contact than we’d like. And whether for business or personal communications, it is important that you try to look your best on camera.

How to Look Good on Zoom

People are often seeing you closer than they would in person. So, it is essential to look your best: dress appropriately, accessorize, style your hair, and put on your makeup. It will make you appear and feel confident, organized, and trustworthy. Smile, look into the camera and then speak slowly and carefully, so your message comes out clearly. And here are a few skin and makeup tips to consider to look your best on Zoom.

Take Care of Your Skin

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Hydrate with moisturizer and anti-aging ingredients both day and night. Remember, your skin is the canvas for flawless-looking makeup. If your skin looks good, your makeup will look even better. Choose moisturizers that will not leave your skin too greasy as you want to avoid having a high shine on camera.

Best Foundation for Zoom

Use a foundation to cover any discoloration in your skin or to brighten tired eyes. I often hear people say that they only wear foundation when they are dressing up. However, it should be worn daily as it can be an anti-pollutant (protects your skin from the harmful irritants in the air) and sun protection factor. And it helps brighten your face if you are in less than perfect lighting!

Choose a color that is exactly your skin tone and one that contains skincare benefits (SPF, coverage, glow, oil-control, color correct, and hydrating). Your skin will thank you for years! If you need help finding the perfect foundation, I am available for a complimentary Zoom time so that I can see your face and recommend your own custom blend foundation formula.

Contact#: 877-3GIELLA or

Eye Makeup

Blepharoplasty fixes droopy eyes to give you a fresh, youthful appearance.

Being on Zoom calls can make you look washed-out. Start by defining your eyes with brow color and shape, then applying mascara and eyeliner. These are typically the most important eye makeup products to wear. Whether it be a brow powder/wax, pencil, or brow tint, use a brow product. It will really accentuate your eyes. For the best choice for eyeliner, try charcoal, gray-green, deep teal, or navy. Avoid browns as they can make your eyes look tired.

If you are going to use eyeshadow, always start with an eyeshadow primer. Eyeshadow primers will eliminate any darkness in the eye area and keep your shadow on all day without creasing. It’s an extra step but an important one! Avoid overly shimmery colors that can be distracting with the lights and camera on Zoom calls. Choose neutral colors that are matte in texture. Remember, lighter colors make areas appear more pronounced or highlighted, and darker colors will minimize or push back and are best for puffiness or extra flesh in the eyelid. The results are magnified under lights and cameras.

Try a flesh-colored pencil for the inside corners of the eye. This is a great trick to take away the darkness.

Mascara should always be black, and remember to roll under the lashes to create volume. Now use those beautiful eyes! Eye contact engages your audience. Look into the camera and smile.


Blush is recommended to bring some color to your face. Choose a matte finish in a neutral pink/coral. Cheek color can be either cream or powder, and it will be an easy step to brighten your face. Just smile and apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend with your fingers or a brush. If you need help matching your skin color, reach out to me at 877-3GIELLA or


Lips are best with a soft red, pink, coral, or earthy brown. Avoid high shimmer or glitter and looking too wet. You do not want to distract your audience with an overpowering lip color. This is where a smile should happen!


Woman on zoom call for work

It is best to put your screen on a set of books or a stand so that you are not looking down into the camera. You want to look straight ahead or slightly up at the camera. Don’t sit with your back to a bright or sunny window. If you have good natural lighting, sit facing the windows, so the natural light is shining ON you, but try to stay out of direct sunlight. Avoid any fluorescent bulb lighting that can make you look harsh.

You can add photographer lights on either side of you or a ring portrait light that you would mount above the camera directly in front of you. The lights should be located to minimize shadows on either side of your nose. Position the lights so that with you at the 90-degree corner, you and the lights form a right triangle with the hypotenuse between the lights. Sit about 4 to 5 feet away from the lights, not too close. Most photographer lights are LED and color adjustable, so try to adjust to a daylight color that shows how beautiful you are! You should order a stand for each light as well. For height, place the center of the lights level with the top of your head.

If you choose the ring light, here is a sample of what to look for.

If you want the dual lighting arrangement, look for something like this.

You might even want to invest in a microphone if you find your laptop or iPad mic is weak. Here’s one that is relatively inexpensive and works pretty well. It’s wireless and easy to use.

Avoid sitting or leaning too close to the laptop or iPad camera as it is a wide-angle. If you sit too close, facial features will be more pronounced. A good rule of thumb is to keep your face at least 24” away. Remember, keep connecting with others; it helps in so many ways! Smile and have fun because good moods are contagious. People can tell if you enjoy Zoom calls, and your enthusiasm will draw them to you!

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