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Brow Power!!! The Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

We women short sell ourselves of the beauty we possess. So many times I begin a makeup session and the client sees herself so unlike I do. We have been conditioned to be hyper-critical of ourselves even when we fit the beauty standard. We nitpick the smallest imperfection as if the models on the covers of magazines actually look as perfect as they appear. I want to herald the beauty we possess and share with women how to capture our beauty as we age all while giving you flawless and perfect eyebrows.

These days the emphasis is on the brow. As some of us age, our brows begin to thin. No matter the reason for the loss, there are solutions to re-creating perfect eyebrows.

Get in Shape!


To achieve perfect eyebrows you need to create the ideal shape. The beginning of the brows starts above the inner corner of the eye. The arch begins directly above the outer edge of the iris. The end of the brow must be level to the beginning of the brow and diagonal to the center of the lip. How thick your brow should be is based upon your original brow dimensions. You will not go wrong following these simple steps.

Favorite Products

To stimulate your hair growth in your brows there is a remarkable product NeuBROW. After using this product as directed for several weeks you will see new growth.

I recommend, Chanel Sculpting Brow Pencil to fill in brows with minimal hair loss or loss due to a scar. This pencil glides smoothly onto a bare surface and fills in more like a powder. The brush on the other end allows you to brush your application until it blends into your existing hair.AnastasiaBeverlyHillsBrowGel - perfect eyebrows For greying brows use Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel for long-wearing temporary color. This product comes in several shades, making it easier to find a match.

CliniqueBrowShaper - perfect eyebrowsThe Clinique Brow Shaper Kit is great for adding a little shape and structure to the brow. This kit comes with a brush that may be too short for some to get a good grip for application. I resoundingly recommend the MAC brow brush. The MAC brush has the perfect stiffness so the brow product applies softly and not like a Sharpie.

image perfect eyebrows toolIf you have not found the perfect shade for your brows, there is the MAC Brow Kit. This product has several colors to achieve the perfect tone for your brows. The Guerlain Brow Kit comes with a two-sided brush, one side slanted and the other a spoolie. Mixing the brow colors together can customize the shade to the tone you want to achieve.

These products can give your thinning brows a boost and assist in defining the frame to our eyes.
Spend a little extra time and step out with the perfect eyebrows. You can also watch the video here that shows how to best apply eyeshadow for a flattering look.

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