How to Wear Fall’s Makeup Trends

It's that time of year when we start to embrace fall makeup trends. This year, embrace deep, rich colors that will bring out a fall feeling.

We just ticked past the calendar days into fall. The problem is that no one told Mother Nature, who, like many women in their prime, seems to be having some serious hot flashes. If it’s not yet cold enough to break out your boots or swap your sleeveless tops for sweaters and scarves, don’t worry. You can still embrace the season by incorporating some of fall’s coolest makeup trends.

According to those in the know, Fall 2023 is all about bold color, strong lines, and skin that looks lit from within. There are a lot of latte shades for the day and plenty of grunge and glitter-infused options for a glam night out. We know, we know. Bold, dark shades can be a little harder for mature skin to pull off, and don’t get us started on how a little misplaced highlighter can bring wrinkles and rough texture into sharp focus.

But before you give up and keep wearing those same “safe” shades you’ve worn for years, you should know that you can easily incorporate any or all of these trends into your fall makeup rotation. All it takes is the right products and techniques. We’ve rounded up some of the seasons’ best looks, along with tips and tricks on how to wear them. With a little bit of practice, you’ll put your best fall face forward all season long.

Dewy Skin is Always In

Dewy skin, blue eyes, brown hair

While we may associate dewy skin with summer, according to experts, it is a trend that is always in. For women in their prime, that youthful glow can be a little harder to come by, thanks to hormonal changes and texture issues that are all part of the natural aging process. But many women don’t realize that by trying to create the illusion of a flawless face with a heavy, matte foundation or powder, they are calling more attention to dry skin and fine lines.

The dewy skin trend, on the other hand, can work to the advantage of mature skin. Many companies are rolling out multitasking items like tinted moisturizers and serums that treat the skin with beneficial ingredients while adding the slightest hint of coverage. Save the concealers or heavier coverage foundations for spot treatments, and instead, reach for a product like Ilia’s award-winning Super Serum Skin Tint with SPF 40 for sheer coverage, a dewy finish, and skin-saving ingredients.

Lips that Make a Statement

woman with bright red lipstick

Bold lips are making a strong statement this season, according to celebrity makeup artist J. Guerra, who told Glamour, “Lips go moody with shades of deep burgundy, rich plum, or even blackened berry,” he says. “The edges can be a tad blurred for a less polished, more grunge feel, or they can be defined and precise to modernize the look with contemporary touches.” Feathering and color bleeding into fine lines can quickly take this look from a Glamour do to a Glamour don’t for a woman in her prime.

That’s why lip prep is so important. Start by exfoliating the area with a product designed specifically for the lips. Lush makes a yummy line of exfoliating lip scrubs that smell as good as they work. Follow with a hydrating product like the original PLASMA lip compound from U Beauty for instant plumpness and long-lasting benefits.

Strong Smudgy Eyes

Beautiful grey hair woman, leopard print shirt, smoky eye makeup

Grunge is back in a big way, with smoky, smudged, kohl-rimmed eyes with that “I slept in my makeup” vibe. While we certainly don’t recommend going to bed without washing your face, we do recommend giving this look a shot, but with a few tweaks. Super dark shadow and liner can accentuate crepy lids, fine lines, and wrinkles, making a prime woman look hard rather than edgy. That’s why you must have the right tools for the job.

Again, prepping skin is key, so start with a good eyelid primer like CoverGirl Lid Lock Up for a smooth finish. Rather than using a pencil and pulling and tugging on the lid, we like using a brush and the “stamping” technique. To do it, use a gel liner like MAC Fluidline or a powder eye shadow and press or “stamp” the product around the lashes to create that perfectly imperfect line. Rather than going with a jet black that can make eyes look tired, try switching to a deep brown or even a navy or green to make eyes really pop. Keep the rest of the face toned down in neutral hues for maximum impact when rocking this look.

We Like This Trend A Latte

Glamorous beauty

If grunge, goth, and go big or go home lip color isn’t your thing, don’t worry. The latte look from summer is still going strong. This beautiful, subtle monochromatic trend looks effortlessly elegant on almost anyone, regardless of skin type. It’s easily achieved by sticking to shades of brown and layering them on eyes, cheeks, and lips. The key is choosing the shades of brown that are right for you to avoid looking washed out.

Celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney told Real Simple that a good way to determine what colors will work for your complexion is to choose browns two to three shades darker than your skin tone. We love Urban Decay Naked collections that take out the guesswork by offering full palettes of browns ranging from beige to cinnamon that play off of and complement one another beautifully. Finish with a pop of bronzer and a nude lip, and you’re ready to go.

Whether you are a “less is more” lover or a woman who likes to get noticed, it’s easy to fall head over heels for this season’s makeup trends. Don’t be afraid to experiment, have fun, and get out of your comfort zone. If Mother Nature can reinvent herself four times a year, so can you!  

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