Five Best Body Makeups for Mature Skin

If you want to hide skin imperfections on areas other than your face, the best body makeups will help you find the right kind for you!

When it comes to smooth, even skin, we all want to put our best face forward, but what about our chests, necks, arms, and legs? Those areas can give away our ages and lifestyle choices faster than you can say varicose veins. With skin on full display this summer in shorts, tanks, and swimwear, it’s easy to get hyper-critical of our perceived imperfections. That’s where body makeup can help, adding coverage where you need it, radiance where you want it, and confidence from head to toe. Go ahead and dare to bare!

Body vs. Face

If you’ve ever slathered the same foundation you use on your face onto your legs, arms, or chest, then you probably know it doesn’t always work out that well. First, there’s the issue of the color streaking or staining your clothing, sheets, and anything else it touches. Then there’s the fact that it’s not cost-effective due to the amount of product it takes to cover larger areas, especially if your foundation of choice is high-end. Finally, one shade does not fit all. The skin on your face and body will vary slightly in color based on factors including sun exposure, and what works for one doesn’t always translate to the other.

Body makeup is the way to go if you want the most bang for your beauty buck, combined with formulations designed for your specific bodily concerns. Not sure where to start? Cosmetic chemist Ginger King told Allure that you should look for a “non-transferring, quick-setting formula with great coverage.”  Here are a few that pass the test and are ideal for covering everything from dark spots to tattoos, veins, and anything else you prefer to keep under wraps this season.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

sally hensen airbrush legs

A cult favorite among makeup artists and celebrities alike, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs creates the illusion of flawless legs. Cosmopolitan reports that Kim Kardashian is a big fan of the under $11 drugstore brand for keeping her gams looking gorgeous. Available in lotion or spray-on formulas, this product covers beautifully while firming and adding a subtle bronze glow. Think of it as pantyhose without the binding and snagging. Water and transfer resistant, you don’t have to worry about tell-tale signs on your clothes. Simply apply, wait 60 seconds, and get on with your day.

Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup

Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup

If that tattoo you got in your twenties isn’t really vibing with your current aesthetic, then it’s time to call in the big guns. Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup has got you covered, literally, with a lightweight, buildable formula that can handle anything from birthmark to stretchmark. With moisturizing ingredients, it hydrates skin as it covers and protects with an SPF 25. When used with the brand’s setting powder, it provides smudge-free, transfer-resistant coverage for up to 16 hours. That should keep you dancing all through the night.

Vita Liberata Body Blur

Vita Liberata Body Blur

Once the go-to product for Victoria’s Secret angels as they strutted their stuff down the runway, the organic Vita Liberata Body Blur is touted for covering imperfections and giving skin a lit-from-within glow. Full of antioxidants and skin-hydrating ingredients, the silky formula nourishes as it covers and washes off easily with soap and water. Company founder Alyson Hogg describes it as “Like wearing luxury sheer stockings…everywhere” Sounds heavenly.

Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation

Dior Body Makeup

Is there anything Dior doesn’t do well? We don’t think so either, and the Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation is no exception. It is designed to withstand heat, humidity, and contact with water, so it’s ideal for your beach or pool parties. The buildable formula evens the skin and blurs imperfections, leaving behind nothing but smooth, beautiful skin that stays hydrated all day thanks to hyaluronic acid and plant-derived squalene. Available in a wide range of shades, there is one to correct or compliment every complexion.

Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector

Westmore Body Coverage Perfector

Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector is considered a standout in the category because, unlike other formulas, one application lasts multiple days. That means you can spread it and forget it. The full coverage formula is waterproof, sweat resistant, and won’t transfer onto clothing. Tough enough for all your hard-to-cover spots, it is formulated with a breakthrough Tri-Effects technology that illuminates the skin for a natural, radiant finish. 

While these products can deliver a look that will make you kiss your photo filters bye-bye, they work best when you apply them properly. Start with clean, exfoliated skin for best results. Once the skin is prepped, use your hands or a mitt, sponge, or brush to apply the product. The tool you choose depends on how much you need. A small tattoo could be covered by dabbing the product with a sponge, while covering an entire leg might be more effective with a mitt.

When applying your body makeup, don’t be heavy-handed with it. Start with a light application, let it dry, and then decide if you need more. It’s always easier to add than to wash it off and start over. Finally, set your body foundation with powder if you need a little extra insurance against color transfer. With a bit of practice and the right product, the only person who will know your perfect skin has a little “help” is you. 

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