5 Makeup Steps to a More Beautiful You

makeup steps

After the busy holiday celebrations, it’s now time for you. Consider these 5 makeup steps to a more beautiful (external) you:

  1. Focus on brows
  2. Take an extra minute
  3. Embrace healthy ingredients
  4. Feel good in your lips
  5. Keep it clean

Focus on browseyebrows

Whether it’s tweezing, threading, or waxing, make sure your brows are trimmed, shaped and well-groomed. I am always a fan of full brows, however, it’s important to keep them tidy. Brows are the frame for your eyes; it’s the first thing someone notices. When they are shaped and defined, your eyes will pop!

For definition, you can use brow tint, powder, or wax.

As we age, the color of our brow fades or turns to gray, so it’s important to define them to make your eyes appear brighter and more focused. Just a note when using products to define, blend them with a brow brush for a softer, more natural finish.

Brow Power!!! The Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

Take an extra minute

We are always rushed getting ready for work, organizing our homes, and attending or organizing social activities, so we often lose precious spare time for us. Take an extra minute in your makeup steps (it’s just 60 seconds) to make your lashes stand out. Using my favorite technique, hold your head back and roll the mascara UNDER your lashes (blink into the brush) and roll through with your brush. Mascara is another WOW factor for making your eyes stand out.

Just try it; you will see the fabulous effect!

Embrace healthy ingredients

Remember to look at ingredients and find out if what you are using is good for you. I like to look at ingredients and know what they are and what they do. We are smart and savvy women, and we should be just as educated about our makeup as our business. Here are some smart ingredients to look for as you go through your makeup steps:

Humectants (provide moisture to the skin): hyaluronic acid, shea butter, avocado oil, evening primrose oil

Anti-Oxidants: Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol), Vitamin C, green tea, resveratrol (commonly found in grapes, nuts, fruits, and red wine)

Healthy: paraben-free, mineral

Is Organic Makeup Really Better for you?

Feel good in your lipsChanel-Dark-Red-Lipstick

Lipstick, gloss, or balm is one of the top sellers in cosmetics. Is your lipstick one that makes you feel beautiful, confident, sexy, and content?? If not, search for a new one. Try going a little brighter; a little more color may just give you the POP you need. Avoid darker colors that can make lips look smaller. Select a more matte texture if you have a lot of lines around your lips.

Lipstick is one makeup product that you will put on and immediately FEEL GOOD!

How To Choose The Perfect Red Lipstick

Keep it clean

Remember to clean your brushes. If you are using a foundation brush or sponge, it is critical to wash it daily. Water-based products easily collect bacteria. Dirty brushes and sponges can cause breakouts and other skin conditions. For brushes used with powders, wash them at least once a week. You can wash brushes with a mild shampoo, coconut oil or anti-bacterial soap, squeeze the excess water out, shape them and lay them flat to dry.

Or you can try cleansing butters that work well to clean brushes without stripping them.

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