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Is Organic Makeup Really Better for you?

Is Organic Makeup Better For You

The other day I read that we eat a credit card of plastic a week through micro plastics making their way into our food, and drink. This really startled me. How is it that we are not more informed about the dangers of chemicals sneaking their way into our bodies? Isn’t this what the FDA should be doing?

Obviously, organic food is a healthy choice but what about health care products and cosmetics? Is organic make-up, which is otherwise referred to as clean make-up, necessary too? I decided to do a little research. A few months ago I attended a party that a friend was hosting for Beauty Counter Cosmetics. The consultant indicated that the FDA doesn’t have the authority to eliminate harmful ingredients in many everyday products we currently use. This was something I could not get out of my head. I started looking at the ingredients listed in some of my own favorite products.

I’ve learned that the ingredients are listed according to the percentage amount. As they are listed, the ingredients towards the bottom have a smaller amounts added in. Unfortunately, after reading the first two to three ingredients, I did not recognize any of the other ingredients let alone pronounce them. How could we possibly know if the ingredients in our make-up are safe if we aren’t chemists?

I recently found an easy way to check the ingredients in the products you use

There are several phone apps that you can download to help you check ingredients to find out if they are safe. One that I recently tried was Think Dirty. After downloading the app on my phone, I searched for ingredients in some of the products that I use. The first product I started with was my Cera Ve day cream spf 30. In seconds it listed all the ingredients and color-coded them according to how safe they were. The ones listed in red being dirty, those listed in yellow as half and half, and then the ingredients listed in green being clean. My Cera Ve day cream had one dirty ingredient listed in red, (BHT).

Another feature this app has is that you can click on the ingredients and it will tell you the potential health impacts. The next product I checked on was Jergans Natural Glow Body Moisturizer. Once again, in just seconds, it listed all the ingredients. This time there were none listed in red, however there were three ingredients in yellow meaning my moisturizer was a potentially moderate health risk. I could spend hours looking up products on this app. With it being so easy I now have no excuse to use cosmetics with harmful ingredients. Most apps will also offer the names brands that are safe and chemical free, similar to the product you are checking on. This makes shopping for clean makeup extremely easy.

While you’re shopping for clean makeup, be careful to check the ingredients and do not take for granted that they are safe because the manufacture has labeled them natural or nontoxic. We need to be diligent in doing our own research as sometimes labeling is misleading to attract buyers attention.

Aside from choosing healthy products for your skincare it is still important to frequently wash your make-up brushes. I swish mine around in baby shampoo, rinse thoroughly, and then leave them on a towel to air dry about every three months.

Many cosmetic companies will offer perks about recycling too. For example, Mac Cosmetics offers a free lip gloss, eye shadow, or lipstick with every six containers you return.

Let’s talk about Sunscreen

I slather on loads of sunscreen when I play golf or go to the beach. One of my favorites was Coppertone Sport spf 50 because it doesn’t come off when you sweat. When I checked the ingredients on the Think Dirty app it had two ingredients listed in red. Yikes! Was I poisoning myself by trying to prevent sunburn and wrinkles!?

Dr. Whitney Bowe is a board certified dermatologist that I follow on Instagram. https://drwhitneybowe.com/ I started following her after I read her book The Beauty of Dirty Skin. When the recent controversy came out about the dangers of sunscreen, she wrote an article about it on her blog. If you are not familiar with this study, there are claims that the absorption of chemicals in sunscreen are very unhealthy. In her article https://drwhitneybowe.com/is-sunscreen-really-bad-for-your-health/ she explains that the amount of oxybenzone found in sunscreen is not quite the health threat it’s believed to be and further research is still needed. After reading her explanation I’m relieved and not afraid to continue using my sunscreen. Although I will try to find sunscreens with more natural ingredients.

Here is my conclusion

After doing a little homework I’m certain that many of the items in my makeup bag have too many chemicals and need to be replaced. I will look for trusted cosmetic brands that are committed to the wellbeing of consumers. As with food, I cannot purchase everything organic because that would be very expensive and it’s not in my budget. However, I will make an effort to replace the products that I use often with ones that area pure and chemical free. We need to know what we are putting onto our skin because it is absorbed into our bodies. As it is with food, natural makeup really is a better choice.

A Few Recommendations

I took a poll amongst my trusted girlfriends and asked them which brands they have used and liked and here are a few of the ones named.

Tata Harper   – this line was created after her father-in law was diagnosed with skin cancer and urged to start using non-toxic and chemical free products. Her masks, serums and face lotions work beautifully.

Honest Beauty – Developed by Jessica Alba, who promises that you should not have to choose between what is safe and what works for you is also very cost effective. I’ve heard great things about their mascara and beauty balm.

RMS Beauty – The coconut face wipes smell good and clean your skin without any harmful ingredients. Their highlighter is also a favorite to provide you with a little natural glow. Their products are non-gmo, soy free, and cruelty free

Eminence –This luxurious skin care line is all organic. It is made in Budapest on a certified organic farm. The tropical vanilla day cream also has an spf 32. A little on the pricey side but the website claims to plant a tree for every product sold.



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