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Expert Tips for Transitioning Your Dyed Hair to Grey

The beginning of a fresh year is a good moment to think change. Let me share with you some expert tips for transitioning your monthly colored tresses to natural, dye-free grey hair. Grey hair is actually on trend right now, so the old tale of “going grey ages you”, is nothing more than a myth. All ages are grey and silver now.

Decisions to be made; Keeping Grey, blending it, covering it up or cutting?

Discuss with your stylist early if considering to stop with your monthly hair color treatments and transition to grey, your stylist can advise and coax you along gently. He or she can work with you to find a shade, cut, and method that you’re comfortable with. The desired-result conversation is an important one for both your stylist and yourself. They have so many ways that can make the transition an easier one.

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If you have never dyed your hair you are in luck, because you won’t have those dreaded tell-tale roots. If you are with those speckled grey roots and brown ends your hairdresser most certainly will be able to blend the regrowth line away with a transitional color correction. Here, one can opt for a lighter shade of color than usual, blending lighter meshes through the old dye. It’s a tricky procedure and should only be done by a good professional or you may be wearing orange meshed hair! The whole idea here is to allow your roots to grow out naturally with the same color as your grey applied like a balayage to break up the brown ends of your old tint.


One can also consider adding lighter tones to your already colored ends in preparation for a natural progression into a lighter shade and all the way to a grey hair color.

Note here that meshes have been applied within the same monthly color application. One can start applying them around the face line first then move into the entire head application until eventually you are 2 or 3 shades lighter than you are now. This will be a much easier transition to grey hair, but of course add one year more to the transition period.

Expert-Tips-For-Transitioning-Your-Dyed-Hair-To-Grey Expert-Tips-For-Transitioning-Your-Dyed-Hair-To-Grey

Light brown base and blondes have the least decisions to make. The transition is a very easy one, just simply add very fine highlights throughout. Avoid block colors or fighting a regrowth will always be apparent.


The other option is to cut out all the old dye leaving your exposed grey roots natural. One needs to be ready for a move like this, it can be quite extreme for yourself and your family, unless you are happy for a short grey crop, which can be exceptionally beautiful on the right women. What not to do is allow the regrowth to have too much length before making a decision. In a business environment for example, it certainly is not a professional look to have grown out roots, nor will it do much for your self esteem.

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We should remember too that the older we become it’s not just fading to a grey hair color that occurs, often the skin color fades too, as do our eyebrows and eyelashes, in fact the whole facial palette softens over in color tone. This is why it is never a wise choice to color our hair in a shade that is too dark as we age. The result is harsh and even more ageing.

I hope these options will help guide you to what’s right for you. One thing is for sure if you are coloring your hair at present, the more grey your hair becomes, the more upkeep it will take to keep the roots at bay and of course more expense.

You may notice the texture of your new white hair more coarse or dry than normal. If so, use a high end hair care regime at home. Iles Formula Hair Care have an especially good shampoo with a raw ingredient that efficiently removes yellow stains from white hair caused through pollution, age, cigarette smoke, or even heated tools which can cause yellow on white hair. This should be the only problem you face once the transition to white hair is made. The Iles conditioner is benchmark in turning dry hair texture to a sumptuous silk finish.

Embrace what nature is deciding for you and enjoy it!


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