The Best Brushes For Every Hair Type

the best hairbrushes for your hair type

Treating our hair right doesn’t just stop with using good products and shying away from excessive heat. In fact, not using the correct hairbrush for your hair type is a major hair mistake — it can make tangles worse, change the shape of your hair, and, yes, even contribute to hair loss. Curious to see if you’re using the best hairbrushes for your hair type? Keep reading to learn what your hair type needs, along with top-rated shopping suggestions for each hair type!

Hairbrushes For Every Hair Type

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The Best Hairbrushes For Wet Hair

Hair is much more delicate when it’s wet, so you must have a proper brush to prevent breakage. In addition to the right wet brush, you’ll also want to avoid towel drying too roughly or using a fine-tooth comb.

the best hairbrushes for wet hair

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush, $8.94

This cult-favorite brush detangles both wet and dry hair, and it also works amazingly on every texture! The signature Intelliflex bristles manage to dissolve tangles with ease, and it even works with extensions!

the best hairbrushes for wet hair

Diane by Fromm No Knot Detangler, $7.49

Whether your hair is wet or dry, this budget-friendly brush can banish tangles in a flash! The key is the variety of bristles — there are three lengths to prevent damage and breakage.

Hairbrushes for Natural Hair

Textured hair requires a delicate hand, so be sure and have different tools for detangling, slicking, and blow-drying. When detangling, look for brush bristles that have a bit of give — this will prevent snagging. Slicking hair into a sleek bun or ponytail? Look for boar bristles. And for blow-drying, use a brush that has a firm and sturdy base with bendable bristles.

the best hairbrushes for natural hair

Pattern Beauty Wide Tooth Comb, $15

This wide-tooth comb is heavy-duty yet kind on delicate strands and works perfectly on wet or dry hair. The wide-set prongs glide through tangles and even encourage volume and separation when fluffing out dry hair.

the best hairbrushes for natural hair

Denman D4 All Black Classic Styling Brush, $21.95

To detangle textured hair, use a conditioner and work your way up from the ends using this brush. It contains nine rows of sculpted round-ended nylon pins to separate and shape hair and even defines curls.

The Best Hairbrushes For Thinning Hair

Thinning hair needs a soft bristle. Boar bristles are a popular choice for thinning hair because they won’t tear or split hair when it’s dry. They’re also believed to increase blood flow to the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. If your hair is thin and flat, reach for a smaller brush that can work closer to the root to create more volume. And when blow-drying hair, use something that can cut down your hair’s exposure to heat.

best hairbrushes for thinning hair

Cortex Professional Boar Brush, $19.95

Dealing with thin hair? Try this professional-grade boar bristle brush! Its sturdy handle makes it easy to grip during your morning blow-dry, and the large round barrel is great for adding volume throughout.

best hairbrushes for thinning hair

Wet Brush Pro Epic Quick Dry, $14.99

Despite its name, this popular brush works well on both wet and dry hair. The Wet Brush can painlessly detangle hair thanks to its IntelliFlex bristles, which won’t place unnecessary pressure by pulling or tugging — a major bonus for ladies with thinning locks.

Hairbrushes For Thick Hair

When shopping for brushes for thick hair, you’ll want to try the ones with nylon bristles. These will glide through hair easier than 100% boar bristles. Also, opt for styles with widely-spaced teeth — these will help detangle without disrupting your hair shape.

best hairbrushes for thick hair

Porcupine Rounder Brush, $26

This brush contains a bit of nylon, which makes creating a blowout much easier than with a full boar bristle. It’s also great for thick hair so that you can expect a softer texture.

best hairbrushes for thick hair

Denman Classic Styling Brush, $19.95

The classic styling hairbrush can reduce frizz, gentle detangling, straightening, adding shine and volume. It also helps minimize harshness to the scalp while grooming and styling.

The Best Hairbrushes for Frizz

Frizz is usually due to a lack of moisture in your hair, so in addition to switching up your shampoos and conditioners, a good brush is vital! Once again, boar bristles can get the job done. In addition to being gentle, they’re also a natural conditioning treatment because they redistribute the oils in your scalp. If you also deal with tangles, reach for brushes that have both boar bristles and nylon.

best hairbrushes for frizz

Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush, $119.99

The Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle & Nylon brush combines boar bristle clusters and nylon strands with a dark ruby handle, forming an elegant and time-tested brush. Hand-finished with Mason Pearson’s original 1885 design, this brush strengthens and protects the hair by coating each strand in the sebum that naturally resides at the root. The brush also features a rubber cushion pad that massages the scalp.

best hairbrushes for frizz

Care Me Round Brush, $14.99

This round boar bristle brush is perfect for a salon-worthy blowout at home. The nylon/boar bristle combo encourages oil distribution and shine, and it’s also spaced out for proper tension when drying. Also, the vented ceramic-plated barrel provides even airflow and allows for heat to gently dry and smooth out your locks.

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Best brushes for every hair type


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