Your Hair May Be Aging You—Are You Guilty Of These Hair Mistakes?

hair mistakes

It can be easy to get caught up in the best anti-aging skincare or procedures to help maintain that youthful glow. But sometimes our hair can get left behind. Whether you’ve been getting the same cut and color for years or you’re a little more adventurous with your style, your hair may be working against your anti-aging routine. Read on to ensure you’re not making the following hair mistakes that can age you.

Hair Mistake #1: Getting highlights to cover your grays

Don’t use highlights to cover your unwanted gray hair unless you’re a natural blonde. If you aren’t, you run the risk of dry strands. Instead, request more depth with a single process color at the roots only. You may also want to chat with your stylist about adding subtle highlights a few times a year for added (and subtle) dimension.

Hair Mistake #2: Going too dark, or opting for making an extreme color change

One of the biggest hair mistakes is going too dark or opting for an extreme color change. So, if your stylist is giving you a little pushback regarding a darker hue, you should listen to them. However, lighter hair tends to be more versatile as it can brighten complexions. Dark hair will also accentuate any gray hairs growing out, so it’s best to opt for something more natural to your skin tone.

hair mistakes that age

Hair Mistake #3: Ignoring thinning hair

Our hair naturally begins to thin as we get older. So if you’re experiencing thinning hair but you’re still wearing your signature style, it may be time to switch things up a bit. Have a discussion with your stylist about what would look best with your features. They may suggest layers, a new length, or a new angle to try. Don’t immediately think that you need to go shorter — sometimes short hair can still look stringy!

Hair Mistake #4: Having one flat hair color

If you’re coloring your hair, try and avoid going with just one overall tone. Skipping highlights can make your hair look drab and flat. So, ask your stylist about highlights to give your hair some movement and frame your face. Think of them as contouring for your hair — when done correctly, they will accentuate your best facial features and make your face appear younger and fuller.

Hair Mistake #5: Using too much conditioner

Don’t get us wrong — we should all be taking proper steps to ensure our hair is hydrated and healthy. However, over-conditioning your hair will make it flat, greasy, and lifeless. Instead, opt for a lightweight conditioner and don’t go overboard. If you’re still noticing breakage, tangles, and other issues, you may want to chat with your stylist about a cut that will better suit your needs.

Hair Mistake #6: Letting your color fade or using ashy tones

Letting your color fade or opting for ashy tones will create a dull, grayish cast on your hair. So, partner with your hairstylist on some warmer colors that will create more light and shine. Also, don’t forget that if you’re stepping out into the sun or reaching for heat tools, you need a proper protectant!

Hair Mistake #7: Not using hydrating products

We know, we know. We mentioned the dangers of over-conditioning, but you do still need to use hydrating products. Try and avoid hair products that contain alcohol, as they’ll dry out your stands. And don’t just stick to hydrating shampoos and conditioners — reach for a weightless oil, like Verb Ghost Oil. It’s crystal clear in color, so it won’t stain the tint of your hair. It can also be added to damp or dry hair without looking or feeling too greasy.

Verb Ghost Weightless Hair Oil, $18

Hair Mistake #8: Lacking confidence!

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a bad haircut or color — it can instantly zap our confidence, which will undoubtedly make the style look even worse. However, if you’ve been loving your long hair for years, or your signature shade makes you feel great, then go for it! Nothing ages us more than a lack of confidence, so wear your cut and color with a smile!

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8 Hair Mistakes that are Aging You



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