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3 Exciting Travel Trends for Women

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Every year AdventureWomen surveys a sample of thousands of women to stay current about the latest trends in what women seek in an adventure travel experience. In 2018, women are expressing a new sense of personal empowerment, emboldened by “me too,” the current political environment, and the value the internet continues to provide in terms of social connection, a platform for entrepreneurs and giving women a voice.

In a new cultural landscape where women are redefining relationships with those around them, women seek deeper and more meaningful adventure travel experiences, trips which leave them with more than just mementos and photographs.

3 Emerging Adventure Travel Trends for 2018-2019

In India, a bindhi is a special gift of connection between cultures.

Women Seek More Immersive Exploratory Experiences

The act of discovery enlivens our senses like nothing else. The element of surprise. The exercise of learning. The sense of accomplishment when you leave a place knowing so much more about it and the people and cultures that inhabit it than when you arrived. So how do you best travel, not as a tourist but as an explorer? Women want deeper experiences on their trips. Opportunities to connect with locals and with each other. Opportunities to bond with both people and places. Enriching experiences which are highly memorable. Tips from a chef, not just reading a menu. Biking not busing. One-to-one not one-to-many.

Women Are Looking for More Trips Offering A Challenge

We did it!

We’ve noticed that women are taking more risks. They are getting more education. Starting more companies and non-profit organizations. Winning more races – from marathons to political. They are standing up for themselves and stepping even further out of their comfort zones. They are pushing themselves and the status quo. These women come from all walks of life and backgrounds, but they love a challenge. In adventure travel, this translates into everything from learning a new sport to complete a bucket-list adventure, to designing a trip to summit their favorite mountain and inviting all their friends.

Women Need More Multi-Generational Opportunities to Reconnect

3 generations together in Iceland

Travel has become a sacrosanct, protected space for reconnecting. Women are natural connectors. With each other. Within their families. At work and at home. And as technology gradually takes over our lives, women seek more deliberate ways to reconnect with those they care about. Time has become so precious. Communication so dumbed down by devices and the sheer volume of information overload. Through travel, women can reconnect with each other and create a special place where mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, and cousins can laugh together, learn together, share their experiences and celebrate their relationships.


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