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Travel Ideas for Seniors

Who says you have to stay home over the holidays once you reach a certain age? Today, seniors travel more than ever, particularly around the holidays and at Christmas. While some may still love to have their family come to them for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, there is no reason why seniors can’t travel safely and in comfort to visit their families or just go on vacation instead. Below are some travel ideas for seniors and how to comfortably execute them.

Good Planning

It may sound like a great idea to hop on a plane on a whim, but good planning for your trip will help you get the most out of your adventure. Booking in advance can often save you money on top of any senior discount that you may get.

If you can travel and arrange hotel accommodation for mid-week, you will also likely get a better deal. Some hotel chains will offer an extra night free if you book 2 weeknights. You may also get a higher-quality room or suite for a reduced price if you book early.

Travel Ideas for Seniors

Spring Travel Ideas for Seniors

Flexible travel

Do you need to drive to your destination? In many countries, driving is essential in order to get anywhere remote. However, if you can make your journey by bus or train, or even by plane or boat, you can add to your overall holiday experience. Being carried to your destination rather than having to concentrate for hours on end behind a steering wheel can be far more relaxing.

Dividing your journey into sections over a longer time period will also help with natural aches and pains that may occur in senior travelers. Water retention and swollen ankles and feet are common ailments in seniors when confined to a sitting position for more than a couple of hours.

Traveling for many senior citizens is not only relaxing but rewarding. Seniors can take advantage of travel discounts that range from restaurants to lodging to full vacation packages. Although certain destinations are not always age-appropriate or practical for seniors, there are still many travel ideas for seniors to embark on.

Disney Theme Parks

Disney theme parks were designed for any age. Although many of the rides and park themes can seem juvenile, it’s difficult for seniors to resist feeling youthful within Disney’s playful surroundings.

Exploring the theme parks does require plenty of walking, but the parks do provide wheelchairs for those who tire easily and grant expedited entrance into most attractions. It’s also a great travel destination for the entire family, especially if grandchildren happen to tag along.


Summer Travel Ideas for Seniors

A cruise is an excellent option for senior travelers because of the many onboard amenities. Travel to a variety of destinations is made in the comfort of a ship instead of on tight airplane seats or uncomfortable bus rides.

Wellness programs, spas, and senior-friendly exercises are on board to make seniors feel rejuvenated. Dietary considerations are also catered to meet any type of special requirements for passengers. There are wheelchair-accessible cabins and handicapped services offered throughout the ship.

Arriving at the ports of destination is an added travel value. However, for those who have difficulty walking, continuous activities are offered onboard the docked ship for those who prefer not to disembark. Many cruise lines also offer discounts to seniors over the age of 55.

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European Tour

Lac du Mondély

Lac du Mondély, located in the Pyrenees in France, is great for nature lovers. It offers fresh water, scenic and secluded yet wild surroundings, and crisp golden sand. Accommodations are located about 15 miles to the southeast in Foix, or flights can be taken to Carcassonne with some budget airlines.

London also offers many historical sites that seniors will value and enjoy. During the summer, Buckingham Palace and the Royal Academy of Arts offer a series of events and exhibitions. Other valuable attractions include the British Library, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Tower of London.

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