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Editor’s Note: March – When it Rains, It Pours

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Dallas, spring appears to be making its way to us. Temps are still cool, but the rain has started. Great for sleeping. Not great for driving. (Or dog walking.) As we’ve been trapped indoors under the withering glare of frustrated hounds, the editorial calendar for March has been completed. We are excited to share a few items with you that will be pouring in from our wonderful contributors this month. Rest assured – there are a lot more where these came from, too.

In Health and Wellness, you’ll be seeing articles on that most popular of items these days – gut bacteria. Also, posts on taking “Me Time”, the importance of female friendships in our lives, and the latest trend in fitness retreats.

In Fashion and Beauty, look for the latest (and most convenient) palettes, spring trends, and how to make anything look more expensive.

Our Career and Second Act contributors are working on stories that include how to fall in love with your job again, what brings us to a career crossroad, and honing your negotiation skills, just to name a few.

Other stories include how to live like a local, travel to the Falkland Islands, the secret spots you can find in San Francisco, aging alone, a book review on Manchester Beach and some delicious recipes.

So, join us in March and make sure you are signed up to receive our email every Thursday so you don’t miss a thing.

February was a short month, but we didn’t slack on great content. We hope you agree. Readers were drawn to these articles from our fashion, health, fitness, and career/second act categories. If you missed them earlier, check them out now.

20 Outstanding Things Women in Their Prime

Embrace Your Inner Critic , part 3 of the series by Dr. Jena Field.

Do You Know What’s in Your Protein Powder?

Treggings: A Fashion Must

The Golden Years: Coming into Our Grand Finale Age

Is Eating Carbs Bad for Your Diet?

Can’t Get Good Sleep? Help Beyond “Turn Of Your iPad”

Consider and Exciting Second Act: Tour Director

This Season’s Romantic Fashions

and an Inspiration Women story on Jane Saginaw

Thanks for being the best part of Prime Women! Happy March!

– Prime Women

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