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Prime Pick: The Best Sports Bra

Prime Pick Under Armour Eclipse Best Sports Bra

This week, our Prime Pick comes from Stacy, our Director of National Sales. She has been raving about this sports bra forever, so we had to share this revelation with our audience! A reco for a sports bra is worth your breasts’ weight in gold! It is unnerving how hard it is to find something for our age range, to boot.

Prime Pick The Best Sports Bra

Under Armor Eclipse Sports Bra

She’s not the only one who loves it. Women all across the internet offer rave reviews, citing the comfort of the bra as their number one reason to love it. Women, in a variety of athletic environments – HIIT, Kickboxing, Running, commented on its stabilizing effects. Another important reason includes its ability to hold up during a wash’n’dry.

Other perks (pun intended) are the molded cups, that help separate and lift, but gently compress. Then there’s the fact that the bra is offered in sizes 32A to 38DD.

I asked Stacy what she thought were the best things about the sports bra, and after much whittling down from about a thousand reasons, we decided that the battle against ‘Uni-boob’ was a quest worthy of our excitement.

Stacy explains, ” I like that this bra has built-in padded cups — no painful underwire, but it gives me curves while I work out.  Other bras I’ve tried have removable pads that always seem to wrinkle or fold-up and create weird boob shapes, or one of the pads is lost during washing so I end up with no pads and a uni-boob.”

You can grab one for yourself here: 

UnderArmor Eclipse Sports Bra

Under Armour’s Eclipse High Impact Sports Bra | $38 (30% off!)

There’s also a style that has a zip-front closure if that’s your preference:

UnderArmor Eclipse Sports Bra

Under Armour’s Eclipse High Impact Zip Front Sports Bra | $60



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