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Prime Pick Most Comfortable Bra

You Ask, We Answer: Our Pick for the Most Comfortable Bra

One of the questions we see our readers ask of one another, of us and the internet, as a whole, is “What is the best bra for mature women?”

It’s a fair question, but “best” is a bit vague. For this week’s Prime Pick answer, we’re going to focus on comfort as one of the most coveted facets of what bra is “best”.

True & Co. Solved Our Bra Debacles

Image Credit: True & Co.

Something women of all ages have collectively come to truly hate, it’s bras. We hate that society forces us to wear one, we hate the ridiculous double standard in censoring by gender roles that lead to the #FreeTheNipple social media campaigns, we hate outdated measuring methods and the one-size-fits-all mentality of cups and sizing. We, Prime Women, have so much to teach the younger generations of women, following in our footsteps, but occasionally we get the opportunity to steal a tip from them. That tip is that True & Co. Women of all ages, sizes and dispositions are raving about these bras, so you know we had to try them for ourselves, as well!

Did you know that breast size has increased over the last 30 years, from an average of 34B to 34DD? While some of that has to do with more accurate sizing and the phenomenon of ‘vanity sizing’, it still presents the need widening for bras with more support, that are comfortable and accessible. This is where True & Co. was determined to make strides in providing a product that hits all 3 marks. Our picks are below, but first, let us explain who True & Co. is, because that’s just as good a stpry as the one about the bras!

About Our Pick: True & Co. Intimate Apparel

When True & Co launched back in 2012, the collection sold out seven times. Every bra falls within the pricing range of $44 – $64. Some bras are now available in sizes up to 42DDD/F. They compiled fit data from over 5 million women when crafting their first items, and continue to use this method to ever-evolve their product line.

They were also the first undergarment brand to offer a no-fitting-room experience. There’s a short and easy fit test on their site that helps recommend the best products for your shape. Once you complete the fit test, shipping is free for what they determine are your “best 3 bras”.

The big end goal of True & Co. is to make intimate apparel that is “for all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin.” They offer a wide variety of lingerie, undergarments and hybrid pieces, including items with under-wires, or their racerback tank with the bra built in, for easy layering. But, what they are known best for their “True Body” line, which is a seamless, under-wire-free bra that also promises lift and support for all sizes.

“But wait, there’s more…”, as they say on TV…Their #1 bestsellers now available to try risk-free. All you have to do is pay $4.95 shipping, and you can wear it for up to 14 days to ensure it’s fit and comfort. In fact, you can ‘gift’ your girlfriends $25 for True&Co., and receive $25 to spend for yourself by filling out their recommendation form. Pretty amazing!

Another Reason We Love True & Co.

Women Supporting Women

True & Co. is a woman-owned business making waves in The Industry, which is not easy to do in the lingerie department, considering how large brands like Victoria’s Secret have become. If women truly feel comfortable and confident in their bras, then big brands stand to lose a lot of money adhering to the box-store approach to fitting one of the most varying aspects of a woman’s body.

Not only are they committed to altering the buying and fitting experience for women, they’re also invested in changing the idea of what women’s bodies look like, using a variety of models of different ages and sizes in their ad campaigns.

Women have so much buying power these days, namely because the brands are finally listening, and because the younger generation said enough, having rescued us all from bad bras. Now it is easy to invest in businesses run by women, like True & Co., and put our dollars to use continuing to fight the good fight for the equality and equity of women in business and in our closets.

Here’s our recommendations, and oh- did we mention they’re having a summer sale right now?

True & Co. TrueBody V-Neck Bra

True Body V Neck Bra, $58 

Wire-free, with removable padding.

What Women Are Saying: “This is just a great bra. I was looking for a comfortable and modest bra to wear at work daily. It provides enough padding and support that I don’t feel I will show through, but is thin enough to be very smooth under my shirt and feel like a second skin. I am impressed by how well it supports. My back is perfectly smooth under my shirt with no bunching or rolls. It shapes beautifully and separates decently well.”

True & Co. True Body Lift Scoop Neck Full Cup Bra

True Body Lift Scoop Neck Full Cup Bra, $58

Wire-free, with lift.

What Women Are Saying: “They are the most comfortable bras I have ever had. I have a chronic pain illness that makes wearing clothes an horrific ordeal on bad days! These bras are soft, don’t bind or rub anywhere, I literally forget I have them on. I would recommend these “soft bras” to anyone who deals with any type of chronic pain illness, or any woman that feels that there are no bras out there for those of us who are well endowed, or don’t have the hard body we once did! These are wonderful, they make me feel good about myself, they pick my girls up enough to feel “perky” again!”

True & Co. True Everyday Lifting Seamless Wirefree Triangle Bra

True Everyday Lifting Seamless Wirefree Triangle Bra, $34 

Wire-free, with removable padding.

What Women Are Saying: I stepped out of my box & got this beautiful blush color. The fit is great. The straps do not slip off my shoulders! It stays in place! By that I mean, when I raise my arms, this bra doesn’t slide up my chest. Thank goodness! I love this fabric as it is stretchy but not binding. It washed well. I measured myself after taking questionnaire about what size I should buy. The size recommended was exactly right!

True & Co. True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra

True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra, $44 

Wire-free, with lift and removable pads.

What Women Are Saying: So I’m hooked! I’m literally getting rid of my other bras. I was nervous for about a day wondering if the bra was flattering because it was so comfortable I thought I must look like I wearing a sports bra or an older lady bra. But it’s somehow a wonderful blend of comfortable and flattering.  I am long from neck to ribs and most bras ride up when I raise my arms. This one just fits…nothing rides up and straps don’t slide off my shoulder. 

True & Co. True Body Underwire Bra

True Body Underwire Bra, $58 

Unlined, with a built-in side-sling for support.

What Women Are Saying: “I hate having big boobs, I hate bra shopping and I have the hardest time finding a bra that’s comfortable. I took this quiz and ordered this bra because it was recommended. When I first took it out of the package I thought “Oh hell no, this is a disaster” because it seemed too floppy and had no lining. But then I put it on, and it is so extremely comfortable and way more supportive than it looks!”

With your change to summer wardrobe, this might be the perfect time to try one of these bras out for yourself.


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