Extra long tunic tops for leggings hero

Extra Long Tunic Tops for Leggings

Leggings made their way into women’s fashion in the 1960s, primarily by way of skinny dancers who looked ever so chic wearing them. But it wasn’t until Lycra came along and aerobic dancing became the craze in the ’70s and ’80s (did any of you not join an aerobic dance class?) that we widely adopted leggings. However, unless you were a size 0, you likely weren’t wearing them anywhere outside an exercise class.

With the advent of casual Fridays and women seeking comfort in everything from their shoes to their underwear, leggings made it out of the gym bag and into everyday, everywhere wear. Now you can buy leggings in every color in the rainbow in different weights, sheer for summer, dense for winter. What has lagged the trend are appropriate tops to pair them with. To look attractive (and modest), you want to cover your crotch and your rear. That same advice goes for skinny jeans.

Introducing the extra long tunic top. They’ve been around a while but very hard to find. Extra long tunic tops are the ideal pairing with leggings. They are super forgiving and extremely comfortable. AND they are now popping up in every designer’s lineup. We’ve found multiple styles in a variety of fabrics in a range of prices. Here are our favorites.

Extra Long Tunic Tops to Pair with Leggings

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