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Feeling Guilty? Why Guilt Lingers and What To Do About It

Type ‘Guilt is a’ into Google search and ‘useless emotion’ are the first words that pop up in the autocomplete list. Click on the phrase and the search page generates a list, including articles Why Guilt is a Useless Emotion and Guilt is a Wasted Emotion; and even a book titled, Guilt… Read more


7-Eleven® Supports Women Business Owners with Franchise Competition

Women business owners make up less than one-third of franchised businesses in the U.S., a statistic 7-Eleven, Inc. would like to see rise. In an effort to increase its own number of female franchisees, the world's largest convenience retailer is kicking off a franchise give-away contest targeted exclusively to women entrepreneurs. I'm pleased to… Read more

Vacation Homes

Successfully Booking Online: 10 Vacation Rental Tips

In 1995, I demanded a refund after discovering roaches, rusting pans, and broken down furniture in my first vacation rental. A few years later, the memory had faded and I tried again. While the French apartment I found on a fledgling rental website was far from perfect, it was infinitely… Read more


Welcome the Spring and Summer Party Dresses

It’s that time of year again, and your spring and summer calendar is filling up with invitations to weddings, graduations, spring teas, garden parties and of course, Easter. You’re feeling the pressure of what to wear. What are the trends? What do you invest in that will carry you through the season?… Read more

Food and Wine

Rise and Shine with an Elegant Chocolate Souffle Recipe

It's an elegant dessert, a perfect post-symphony repast, a luxurious breakfast treat: Chocolate Souffle. The dish is a best-selling menu item at Rise No. 1 Souffle Salons in Dallas and Houston, where miraculous clouds of egg and water delight diners from late morning to late night hours in an enchanting… Read more


Impostor or Superwoman?

A good friend who is very well connected in government, academia and business, who has managed the distribution of billions of dollars, and whose expertise has been put to good use around the globe recently said, “I am a failure.” No less true statement was ever uttered, but this is… Read more

Food and Wine

Avocado and Crab Tostadas with Queso Blanco

I just love Mexican food, especially when made with fresh ingredients. The flavors are bright and alive in this recipe for avocado and crab tostadas - with spicy jalapeno, creamy avocado, a splash of lime, and tender lump crab meat. This dish is easy to make and to assemble. It’s perfect… Read more

Marriage & Divorce

Headstone Shopping: Cliff Notes for the Living

Following her husband’s death, Lore Powell, PRiME contributor, kept a journal she refers to as “The Grief Project.” She is graciously allowing us to share her entries with our readers. You can begin with her first essay here.  Headstone shopping can be daunting. It is curb appeal for the dead.… Read more

Mott & Bow Women's Jeans Ad