Why More Women are Taking Solo Vacations

solo vacations

woman on Camel Pyramids EgyptIn AdventureWomen’s 2017 survey of women travelers, 32% said they always travel alone and another 36% said they sometimes travel alone. And the majority are female travelers 50+. So, what are the benefits of solo vacations as a woman?

Here’s what those travelers say: 

Traveling alone allows them to get away and relax more in a family-free environment. Whether by themselves or traveling on their own but in the company of a women-only group, they say they can just be themselves and don’t have to worry about having to be “on” all the time and having to dress up or even wear makeup!

On their own, they also feel more open to learning new things, meeting new people (both other guests and locals) and exploring the world around them.

And they say they are more likely to be really adventurous, to step outside their comfort zones.

Indonesia JavaWomen also tell us that taking solo vacations but with a group of like-minded women offers additional benefits, even for independent, intrepid and adventurous women who might typically travel mostly on their own. For example, women traveling face a different safety situation than men, especially when overseas. 

So traveling in the company of other women can provide some unique benefits for solo travelers.

It’s Just More Fun

Sometimes traveling alone can be, well, a little lonely. Missing someone to chat with at the end of the day about all the adventures you’ve had, well that’s no fun! Sipping a glass of wine or cup of tea with a fellow traveler at the end of a day packed with intrigue, discovery, learning, and laughter can be a great way to start a conversation, or even a lifelong friendship.

Safety First!

When you’re all alone on a self-guided, independent journey, you’re naturally more vulnerable, especially women who are traveling to unknown places where cultural expectations and gender roles may be quite different from your home country. Traveling with a group increases their confidence and feelings of personal safety while decreasing anxiety about the potential for experiencing unsafe circumstances.

Insider Access

Mature Woman with African Tribe children

An experienced tour group has longstanding relationships with the best local tour guides, knows the ins and outs of the experiential opportunities available in a given destinations and where the most interesting and authentic local hot spots are. And many local, “insider” experiences (visiting schools to donate books, cooking with a local chef, meeting with a local women’s group for example) are rarely accessible to individuals as solo travelers. You might miss out on some of these undiscovered gems without the insight of an experienced guide. And triple points for those who understand what women, specifically, desire most in an adventure travel experience.

Someone Else Sweats the Small Stuff

Another benefit of traveling solo, but with a group is – no planning! Wouldn’t you rather spend your time diving into a destination rather than worrying about all the many details of your daily itinerary and logistics that go into executing a trip? If your answer is “yes!” then group travel is a great option for you. Solo women travelers are left to entirely fend for themselves when something doesn’t go as planned on a trip or when a problem arises mid-trip. Even just managing the minutia of how to get where you’re going next can become a headache. Why stress when you don’t have to?

Kayaking Lake Tahoe CaliforniaMore Affordable Rates

Finally, group travel is typically more affordable as groups can negotiate better accommodation rates and dining and transportation discounts than you would be able to when traveling on your own.

Whether you’re traveling on your own independently or with a group, we hope you go with gusto! There’s a lot of amazing experiences to be had out there, so go for it!


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