Say Hello To 'Tastefully Prime,' Our New Cooking/Lifestyle Show

Say Hello To ‘Tastefully Prime,’ Our New Cooking/Lifestyle Show

Do you ever wonder how some hostesses just seem to magically whip together the perfect celebration? You’re not alone. Planning a memorable event takes skill and a good eye for the details. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Tastefully Prime, our new lifestyle/cooking show to give our viewers a glimpse into the perfect celebration. Keep reading to learn all about our new show, our renowned host Janice Provost, and more.

Say hello to Tastefully Prime!

Tastefully Prime is a half-hour episode show that focuses on a guest’s wish celebration explored with great food and fun. Our host, Executive Chef Janice Provost, helps the episode’s guests determine how they can celebrate their Special Request Event.

When it comes to planning an event to remember, Janice Provost is a pro. As the Executive Chef and Proprietor of Parigi Restaurant in Uptown Dallas, she has an expansive track record of delicious food, top-notch cocktails, and gorgeous details.

Each 30-minute episode will include 5-7 segments focused on stellar food recipes, cocktails, and the special details that make up the perfect event. Viewers will also be able to access the recipes from each episode to prepare for their own celebrations!

The Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of Tastefully Prime will feature five friends who come together wanting to celebrate and capture the feeling of fall through great food and company. Janice with her high-spirited joie de vivre takes them through planning the event. Expect fun shop visits, chats with others in the culinary world, and how to master food preparation and decorations. And if you’re looking to plan an event of your own, you’ll definitely be taking notes on these fall cheese boards, appetizers, drinks, entrees, and dessert.

What’s next for Tastefully Prime?

Every aspiring hostess knows that the event season is almost upon us. In other words, cooler weather will be inviting more outdoor soirees. And then before we all know it… holiday season will be here. Tastefully Prime will be showcasing the mindful details behind each celebration. So stay tuned for a small wedding event with New Orleans-inspired dishes, an upcoming graduation celebration that focuses on craft cocktails, a singles-only soiree, and more.

Join Janice and her guests to celebrate life with us through food, cultures, stories, health, and more. Each episode will be available to stream on the Prime Women Media channel, so tune in!

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Lifestyle & Food Show

Lifestyle & Food Show

30 minute show for digital streaming or TV + bite size food & drink segments online.

Celebrate Life Episodes

Each episode celebrates guest’s wish celebration explored with great food & fun.

Show Host

Janice Provost is the show host. She's renowned chef and the owner of the Parigi restaurant.

Tastefully Prime™ In Each episode...

We Create & Celebrate a Guest’s Special Request Event

30 Minute Media Show

5-7 segments of fun

Recipe Details Online

Cooking w French & NY chic

unplugged time and a drink


• Episode Guests
• Cooking & Shopping with Chef Janice
• Visits to other Chefs, Restaurants, & Bars

In each episode,
Chef Janice helps the episode’s guests determine how they can CELEBRATE their Special Request Event.

Join Janice and her guests to Celebrate Life with us thru food, cultures, stories, art, music, health and designer drinks!

Cross Promotions


Watch Special Segments

Access to recipes for Food & Designer Drinks

“Prime Season” – Pilot features Five Friends who come together wanting to CELEBRATE and capture the feeling of Fall thru food. Janice with her high-spirited joie de vivre takes them thru many of the fun shops and relationships she has in the culinary world and shows them how to shop and prep food and decorations for

Fall Cheese Boards, Appetizers, Drinks, Entree and Desert.

Future Episodes of Tastefully Prime

“A Prime Wedding” – A small group of women come together for longtime friends’ second wedding. They reconnect at a small venue to CELEBRATE their unique history together, making dishes from their shared past in New Orleans.

“Tastefully Coming-Together” – Reality – the nation’s been kept at a distance from each other for months. CELEBRATING healing is on the menu, and Chef Janice engages a small town’s need.

Prime Time Grads” – A group of law students want to have a unique CELEBRATION for their upcoming graduation. They’ve requested a theme around “passing the bar.” Each graduate will be making a special drink for “the bar” and prepare appetizers that pair well with the drink.

“Tastefully Thankful” – A family that has not seen many of its members in years is looking to set up a cozy Family reunion in a unique country setting to CELEBRATE Thanksgiving.

“Tastefully Single” – set of single friends want to CELEBRATE  their friendship by finding a singular location and food to mirror their unique relationship. Location, Food and Decoration come to life.

“Tastefully Two-Christmas” – One couple – Two different ideas of how to showcase their home at Christmas want to figure how to celebrate the season as one. Chef Janice – helps them find two styles of decorations and food offerings that’s sure to lead to a very Merry Christmas.

Janice Provost

Executive Chef and Proprietor of Parigi Restaurant in Uptown Dallas. She is a social media entity, a community patron, and a chef who loves New York and Parisian chic.

Ben Ryan

Film and Music Producer/Director with long-form credits for TV and Entertainment projects. Over 30 years working with LA, Nashville, and NY talent for various Specials, Music-videos and Live Shows.

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