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If you’re in your PRiME, you’ll love the selections in our shop!

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If you’re in your PRiME, you’ll love the selections in our shop!

Amazon Wardrobe

Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe

Subscription services are becoming more and more prevalent as technology makes advances. After the last year, it's hard to find anything that you can'... Read More
how to camouflage weight and look thinner

How To Look Slimmer According to Stylists

Who doesn't want to look skinnier, right? Even more so now that those pandemic pounds have snuck up on many of us. For me, the moment of truth came a ... Read More

Versatile Jumpsuits

If you're like me, your wardrobe can start to feel stale and lifeless. Every day I seem to wear the same clothing items, just slightly different than ... Read More
Day Drinking 2

Day Drinking Outfits

Ah, the glorious spring weather is upon us. Our mornings are filled with the sounds of robins singing, and our evenings never seem to end. With the ar... Read More
Prime Women Top Picks
Prime Picks

Prime’s Top Picks 2020

To say that 2020 wasn't the best year for everyone would be a major understatement. We had to learn a new way of life than what we were used to, but w... Read More
10 Stylish Medical Alert Bracelets

10 Stylish Medical Alert Bracelets

Nobody wants to wear a medical alert bracelet, but many of us have to. Luckily over the years, medical bracelets have become way more fashionable. In ... Read More
woman shopping

The Best Post Christmas Sales

We’ve almost made it through 2020! What better way to spend it then indulging in some post Christmas shopping for yourself?! Here are the post Chris... Read More


This winter an absolute essential for your closet is the coatigan. The coatigan, essentially just a long cardigan that is a slouchy, softer iteration ... Read More
Polished and Professional Outfits For Women That Are Always In Style

Polished Wardrobe Essentials for the Ageless Woman

Picking classic, professional outfits for the over-50 woman is critical; even more so than it was when we were younger. We've outgrown following the l... Read More
Head-To-Toe Neutral Tones To Try This Season And Beyond | PRIMEWomen.com

Head-To-Toe Neutral Tones To Try This Season And Beyond

Just in time for cooler temperatures and the prospect of stepping back into the work world, designers are serving up a luxe selection of head-to-toe n... Read More

13 Gift Ideas for Celebrating a 50th Birthday

Do you know someone turning 50 this year? Turning 50 is a major milestone that should be celebrated in style. Here are some birthday gift ideas for a ... Read More

Wear a Scarf Like Dr. Birx

For me personally, the star of the coronavirus coverage has been the many scarves of Dr. Birx! She has found a way to elevate every outfit with a beau... Read More