23 Top Drugstore Powders to Enhance Your Skin

23 Top Drugstore Powders to Enhance Your Skin

Best drugstore pressed powder for aging skin

As we get older, our makeup needs to change. Our skin begins to lose elasticity, and fissures in our skin allow makeup to seep in, which can suddenly enhance and escalate even small, discreet wrinkles. That’s why investing in a quality powder that works well with more mature skin is essential. With all of the options available on the market, it’s hard to tell which will work best in your situation. Obviously, you’ll want to look for something that won’t cause your skin to have an adverse reaction, so check the ingredient list and look for anything that might cause an issue.

You’ll also want to do some spot checks to see how the powder will blend with your skin tone, so that it gives you a nice, even look. Avoid the dreaded chin-stop line at all costs – you know, where you can see where your makeup ends and where your skin begins… we’re too mature to make such simple makeup faux pas. 

Finally, find something in your budget that fits your lifestyle. If you prefer a pressed powder that you can keep in your purse for touchups, you’ll want to go that route. Some women prefer the loose powder and big fluffy brush because it works the best for them. We’ve got both of those options and more in a wide variety of brands; here are our top choices. 

23 Best Drugstore Pressed Powders to Enhance Your Skin


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