Which Nail Polish Colors Can I Wear?

Which Nail Polish Colors Can I Wear?

When it comes to nail polish, women have been wearing the same reds and pinks, predominantly, since the dawn of times it seems. Sometimes this was merely a trend, and at other times the men in our lives would chide us for straying from the color. That time is over! It is perfectly normal for women of all ages to sport a rainbow variety of nail polish colors, including women over 50. Do not fear if you aren’t the bravest person when it comes to incorporating bold colors into your style. As in all-things-fashion, the final decision really is yours. One great way to safely yet boldly break the rules or go haywire with designs and embellishments is to focus on your toes. All business when tucked into a pump at work, it’s playtime as soon as the sandals come out!  

This move towards the navy, purple, and greens in polish is essentially rule-free. That’s a big draw to experimenting with vivid fingernails. If there is one note we can make here, it is that skin tones matter; what looks great on lighter skin tones may not be great on olive and darker skin tones. Typically this divide comes down to the undertone of the polish.

Just ask yourself: is it in the cool end of the spectrum or the warmer tones of the spectrum? An easy way to illustrate this is by contemplating gold or silver metallic. The silver is a cool tone, whereas the gold is a warm tone. Just as in lipstick, this formula is paramount to pick the right red, especially. Paler skin tones should stick to a blue-red, and darker skin tones can move towards the orange-reds.  Some women, however, can truly pull off both ends of the spectrum! Some colors will also help disguise those dark spots and other challenges that women deal with as our hands age.

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 Below we have a little guide to which brands are celebrated, while we show off the best starter colors for women over 50 to escape the everyday tedium of reds, nudes, and pinks. We also included a few must-have tools to keep your nails healthy and retain your manicure. The brands shown have all made the grade on quality, too! Last, but not least, be sure to check out the nutritional supplements in our Marketplace; pretty nails always begin with healthy nails! 

Homework: When you’re ready to show off your new nail-color-loves, tag those pics over on instagram with #PrimeWomenPolished and we’ll share them with our fans there! 


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