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Your Best Summer Nails

Whether you’re doing your nails at home or at the salon, you’ll want to use the hottest hues for your hand and feet. Nothing puts you in a better frame of mind that looking down at beautifully painted nails and toes. And who couldn’t use a pick me up these days! Here are our nail care tips and picks for your best summer nails!

Telenovela Me About It

This summer we’ve been binge-watching Bad Mothers, and we’ve got the perfect shade for all the twists and turns.

nail-color telenovela me about it

Verde Nice To Meet You

Brighten up your summer blues with this beautiful shade.

 nail color- verde

My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore

It’s going to be a hot long summer, and this is the perfect shade to get you through it.

nail color-my chihuahua doesn't bite anymore

Don’t Tell A Sol

We know exactly what you’re thinking: a bright yellow nail polish? But trust us this shade is super flattering because of its warm undertones
dont tell a sol nail

Talk To The Sand

Pastels are here to stay all year long. Try out this beautiful shade that looks great on all skin tones

talk to the sand nail

Suits You Swell

Life will always be rosy with this beautiful pink shade.

suits you swell nail

Throw In The Towel

This is the perfect pink to take you from the boardroom to the beach.

throw in the towel nail

Sunny Business

This lemony yellow is the perfect shade to match with a tall glass of lemonade on the porch. 

Tips For Your Best Summer Nails

Now that you’ve picked out your favorite color, follow these simple steps for a flawless manicure at home:

1. File

Always file your nails in one direction to prevent any damage. Starting on one side, file your nails into the desired shape from the outside corner towards the middle of the nail. Repeat on the other side.

2. Prep Nails

Prep your nails by applying one coat of base coat to prolong your mani, prevent staining, and even help with any special concerns you may have (for example, use a nail strengthening base coat or a ridge filler).

3. Apply Polish

Apply 2- 3 thin coats from the top of the nail bed to the tip.

4. Seal Color

Seal and protect your nail color with a topcoat. Choose from quick-drying, high shine, or even matte formulations.

5. Moisturize Nails

When nails are completely dry, moisturize hands and soften cuticles by gently massaging lotion or oil into hands and nails.

We have the best  DIY mani kits with everything you need to have beautiful summer nails :

Nails.Inc Mani Must-Haves

This 5-piece set contains a nail file, base coat, polish, topcoat, and cuticle repair oil.

OPI Gel Removal & Manicure Prep Kit

This 4-piece kit contains remover, nail file, buffer block, and reusable cuticle stick to remove gel polish, dipping powder, or acrylic and prep nails.

Now you’re all set to have the best summer nails!

Want More Nail’s>>> More of the Best Colors 

5 Ideas for Summer Nails


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