Cool-Wearing Pajamas for the Dog Days of Summer

Cool-Wearing Pajamas for the Dog Days of Summer

Summer pajamas

While tank tops, sundresses, and other summer-style staples can help keep us cool during the day, that doesn’t always do the trick after the sun goes down. Something always seems to mysteriously turn up the heat in our body temperature at bedtime. So where are those cool-wearing pajamas?!

Most of us have endured sleepless nights due to fluctuating temperatures. First, you’re hot, then cold. Well, there is hope! There are many varieties of cool-wearing pajamas that can contribute to achieving a good night’s sleep. The right selection should be cute and stylish, but most importantly, help your body remain cool and dry.

Fabric Contents

As you’re shopping for pajamas, make sure and check the fabric contents because this can play a huge part in comfort. For example, pajamas made with bamboo viscose fabric can help you sleep cooler and keep your temperature regulated throughout the night. This soft fabric can also help absorb moisture and resist odors. Cotton pajamas are also a terrific choice because they’re soft and breathable.

Our Top Cool-Wearing Pajama Picks

Don’t save these for when you have houseguests — these cool-wearing pajamas can be worn all summer long. Here are our top selections:

cool jams moisture wicking pajamas

Cool Jams Moisture Wicking Shorty Button Front Pajama Set, $64 **Use promo code PW10 for 10% off any Cool-jams sleepwear!**

Andie scoop neck tank in pink

Andie The Scoop Tank, $45 Pair with matching shorts ($50) or wide-leg pants ($65)

Warm summer weather can lead to restless nights if you overheat while you’re sleeping. Find a cozy pair of cool-wearing pajamas to get your best sleep while looking stylish at the same time. 

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