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Fashion Finds: Top 5 Leggings

Leggings are the new yoga pants, the new pajama pants…..the new everything pants. Not only have leggings benefited from the return of the 80s that hit a few years ago in the fashion world, but they have also benefited from science and fiber technology. Take a pair of these for a spin…or a walk….or Wednesday WineDay with the girlfriends and you will be the envy of every woman who has been a victim of clenched waists, bunched-up butts and see-through fabrics. They’ll be wishing they had the sense to invest in a great pair (or 3!) of quality, well-loved leggings, and will eagerly insist you tell them all your secrets!

Take a look at our Top 5 Leggings Guide below, and see what other women thought about their new besties-from-the-waist-down.

Outdoor Voices Warmup Legging

Outdoor Voices Warm-up Legging, $75

5 colors, 3 lengths and sizes XS-XL

What Women Are Saying:

These days I won’t wear any leggings but OV! 
Fit + fabric are superb…no slippage or awkward bunching/pilling. My oldest pair is 2+ years old and still in great shape even after lots of wear. They really are the best out there .. possibly the best I’ve ever owned.

The most fabulous and flattering pair of leggings I own. I have two colours and I see many more in the future. Why are they so great? First the fabric, which is thick and snug in all the right places. The way it’s cut / sewn at the back really… frames the butt for lack of a better term 🙂 The waistband is wide and doesn’t dig in, and there’s a little hidden pocket where I keep an emergency hair elastic. I’m size 6-8 and the Medium fits like a glove.

 Commando Perfect Control Faux Leather Legging

Commando Perfect Control Faux-Leather Leggings, $98

3 ‘Metallic’ colors, sizes S-XL

What Women Are Saying:

High Quality and Very Convincing
This faux leather looks and feels very much like the real thing. The fabrication has a nice weight, not too slippery or thin. The waist of these leggings gives a nice hug against the tummy to give a smooth look, but it’s still super comfortable. I highly recommend.
A Total Must-Have!
There is a reason these are a best seller! They are so amazing, super slimming and surprisingly comfortable. It’s only August and I’m already ready for the cooler months so I can break these out again and pair them with a comfy oversized sweater!

 CW-X Stabilyx Tight

CW-X Stabilyx™ Tight, $79

Multiple colors, sizes XS-XL

What Women Are Saying:

Love these. Great support!
For those of you with varicose veins and knee issues: able to workout (run, treadmill, stairs), my legs don’t hurt when I am done.
Michelle O: 
Size: I am glad I read the reviews and they were spot on! I am 5’5″ and weigh 130 pounds. The small was a good fit. They do fit snug, but they are meant to fit snug. I ran a 9 mile race and I LOVE the fact that I didn’t have to pull up these tights once! Comfort: They are very comfortable to me and offer support over my entire legs. My overall rating is 5 out of 5 stars because not only do they offer support, are comfortable, but are also warm for me (not too warm…just right!).


Spanx Essential Leggings, $98

2 colors, and sizes XS-XL

What Women Are Saying:

FINALLY the perfect leggings!
I absolutely love these leggings. I have a really hard time finding ones that fit well, hold in the chub, and are not see-through and these were worth every penny! I’ve spent so much money on other ones that I can only wear around the house and now, finally, I can wear them out! Although pricey, these are NOT see-through and hold my ‘gut’ very well. They also do wonders for my tush! For reference, I am 5’6 about 155 lbs and the medium fits like a glove. I am very, very happy with this purchase. I have not washed them yet, but I will hand wash just to ensure they last a long time. If you are on the fence because of the price, just do it. It’s better to spend more on one good pair then to spend it on several pairs that don’t work out!
Great leggings…great purchase.
First time I bought leggings and I love them. Fit well, comfortable and very versatile. Sorry I waited so long to decide to wear them.

 Lysse Medium Control Ponte Knit Legging

Lyssé Medium Control Ponium Control Ponte Knit Leggings, $78

Sizes XS-XL

What Women Are Saying:

Amazing support!
I thought I could never wear leggings. I’m not obese, but I’m rather flabby with noticeable cellulite. These leggings offer an amazing amount of support! I’m going to order another pair in a different color!

Worth the Price
I was hesitant to spend so much on one pair of leggings even at the sale price. But I now own 4 pair. These leggings are made of great fabric that doesn’t sag by the end of the day. The fit is comfortable and they look great on. I have an apple shape that is often hard to fit so I wear these with tunics or long swe

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