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Your Guide to Looking Fabulous After 50 with Wardrobe Confidence

Is it possible to be fabulous after 50 and look effortlessly elegant while embracing more youthful fashion? Some people think that once women hit 50, this milestone causes them to throw out their stylish wardrobes in favor of “age appropriate” wear.

Should you lose your sense of style just because of your age?

My response is a resounding NO! Take a look at Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren. They have graced the Red Carpet as of late looking sexy, beautiful and wearing age-defying styles. Retail sales are beginning to soar as older customers want the latest trends and are copying celebrity role models ageless style.

The lines are becoming increasingly blurred between generations. Once shackled by imaginary “cut-off” dos and don’ts, women are staying physically active longer, have more confidence, working longer, and have the desire and ability to pull off younger designs. Age is becoming less of a determining factor when it comes to clothing choices. Looking fashionable and fabulous after 50 is more about how you style the pieces you choose.

Having dressed countless women over the years, I know for certain that no one wants to dress like an old lady. Previous generations of perms, blue rinses, and sensible shoes has given way to women drawing inspiration from their daughters, rather than their mothers.

While it’s crucial to reassess your wardrobe because of the physical changes that come with age, it doesn’t mean you cannot look fierce and fabulous after 50.

People often say 60 is the new 40, but as you pass this milestone don’t let your age prevent you from following the trends. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you rebuild, reassess or add to your wardrobe:

  • Choose the right colors – Choose the right colors for your skin tone and you’ll look younger and healthier.
  • Pay attention to fit – Tailored clothing and well-fitting undergarments are critical at this age.
  • Mix and match your pieces – As an over 50 professional, you can build a career wardrobe that falls somewhere in the middle of casual and cutthroat.
  • Remember that you can wear jeans at any age – Jeans are acceptable at any age, but one of the biggest pitfalls of over 50s women is the unflattering mom jeans. A pair of well-made jeans pays for itself over and over again. Stick to a classic wash devoid of holes, embroidery, and other embellishments.
  • Hair and makeup are also important – Your clothing says a lot but it’s your hair and makeup that give away or hide your age. The haircut that worked for you years ago might not be suitable in your 50s.

There’s a lot of latitude in these tips but there are a few things you should absolutely avoid if you want to shed the “old lady” look and be fabulous after 50

Don’t wear match-matchy jewelry. Stop wearing “boxy” clothing. Stop wearing workout clothes – except to workout!

No head-to-toe pastels

No matching sets of any kind

No orthopedic-looking shoes

So what are some of the easiest things you can do to freshen your look? Push up your sleeves, flip up your collar, wrap a scarf effortlessly around your neck and replace your BIG BLACK handbag for a current cross-body or a sporty clutch in a vibrant color.

Age is no longer a barrier when it comes to dressing with panache and style. So, embrace the new, fresher, younger looking you and dress the part. You ARE fabulous after 50!

Here are a few other looks to inspire you:

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