Should Women Over 50 Wear Shimmer?

Should Women Over 50 Wear Shimmer?

how to apply shimmer

“Should women over 50 wear shimmer?” I am often asked this question, and the answer is usually, yes!

Chunky glitter on left. On the right, a soft SHIMMER creates a diffused glow.

However, it’s the type of shimmer that’s important. You want to look for a highlighter with a shimmer that is very fine, not a chunky glitter in which you can see the particles. When you see the shimmer on your skin, it should look radiant and glowing in a soft, subtle way. If you are seeing the “chunkiness” in the shimmer, it’s probably the wrong one. Choose a highlighter that is not too white or blue, but a soft pinkish-gold, this is most flattering to many skin tones.

There are several kinds of highlighters: cream, powder and liquid. We’ll go over each type and how to apply shimmer for the best results.

Cream Highlighters

Cream highlighters are very nice for older skin, as it is usually dewy and moist and therefore, easy to apply.

How to apply shimmer (cream): With clean fingers, apply on your bones (around your eyes, on your brow bone and cheek bones.) You can use this over or under your foundation and definitely on bare skin. Apply to your skin and blend.

Powder Highlighters

Powder highlighters are usually mineral and offer a flattering shimmer. As long as the powder is good quality (100% mineral and finely milled) you can get a gleaming look to the skin.

How to apply shimmer (powder): Pick up the powder with your brush and swirl it into the cap. I prefer a soft brush so it will apply the highlighter gently. Use a brush head that is not too stiff, and preferably with a contoured angle. Keep swirling the highlighter into the brush until it disappears. Then apply it to the bones: sweep it around your eyes, down your nose, over your brow bone and across your forehead. You can use this over your foundation or under it for a softer, diffused glow. Remember to wash your brushes daily too! Use anti-bacterial soap, shape them and dry flat. See video below.

Liquid Highlighters

Liquid highlighters are the most recent entry in the highlighter category. Highlighters are mixed with lightweight serums or moisturizer to offer both skin care benefits and radiance. One of my favorite blends that I created is GIELLA Rose Glam Highlighter. The serum contains Vitamins A, C and E, and ginseng. It stimulates dry, dehydrated skin and helps to repair skin roughness while promoting cell regeneration and smoother skin. It increases the production of collagen and stimulates the fibroblasts; and it contains Vitamin E, which is a natural moisture binder that aids in skin elasticity and oxygen absorption, a highly effective anti-oxidant.

How to apply shimmer (liquid): With clean fingers apply on bare skin; around your eyes on the brow and cheek bones and down your nose. Then apply your foundation over it or a powder.

Embrace the glowing highlighters! They will make your skin look more alive and fresh. Think about it: matte surfaces can appear dull and flat, but highlighted surfaces catch the light and make everything radiant!

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