Wardrobe Essentials: Summer Scarves Dress Up Your Outfit

Woman wearing a summer scarf

Whether summer, spring, winter, or fall, my outfit of choice is a t-shirt and jeans. I know that is probably a terrible thing for a fashion blogger to admit, especially when dealing with fashion over 50, but there it is. The situation came to a head years ago when we were planning a trip overseas. I realized I needed to find versatile clothing that would take me from walking museums or parks – or cemeteries – to going to a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner. Items that wouldn’t necessarily require a return to our hotel for a change of clothes.

dress up your outfit

I am oversimplifying this a bit – but truthfully, the answer to upgrading my daily uniform of jeans and tee was to add a scarf. Not only does a scarf add a splash of color to your ensemble, but it also provides a focal point and a little personality. Depending on how you tie the scarf, drape it, or wrap it -there are almost endless ways to do so – the positive effect of adding a scarf as a way to dress up your outfit is undeniable. Easier than jewelry and more versatile. Hopping into a convertible for a quick trip to a nearby winery? The scarf goes on your head to keep your hair from becoming a veritable bird’s nest. Nipping into a cafe for an afternoon aperitif? The scarf goes around your shoulders to keep you warm. Tie it in a bow on your purse strap. Wrap it around your wrist for a colorful flair. Decorate the crown of a sunhat with a scarf to update your beach look for the day.

Woman wearing a summer scarf on her sun hat

Of course, scarves aren’t just for casual dress. You can transform that old business suit of yours with a bright scarf at your neck. These days, the variety of fabrics and patterns are endless – and happily, most are extremely affordable when you consider it can make an old outfit look completely new and different. So, dress up your outfit and exercise your shopping muscles with our options below.

Shop The Look

Chicos Tie Dye Oblong Tassel Scarf
Chicos Tie Dye Oblong Tassel Scarf, $24.50
JJill Artistic Vines Tasseled Scarf
JJill Artistic Vines Tasseled Scarf, $19.99
Boden Print Scarf
Boden Print Scarf, $70
Anthropologie Block Print Wool Scarf
Anthropologie Block Print Wool Scarf, $26.97
Talbots Floral Postcard Oblong Scarf
Talbots Floral Postcard Oblong Scarf, $49.99
Banana Republic Border Stripe Silk Bandana
Banana Republic Border Stripe Silk Bandana, $29.50
Talbots Lovely Floral Oblong Scarf
Talbots Lovely Floral Oblong Scarf, $44.99
Saachi Border Silk-Blend Scarf
Saachi Border Silk-Blend Scarf, $34.99
JMlaughlin Gemma Scarf in Cougar Palm
JMlaughlin Gemma Scarf in Cougar Palm, $150
Anthropologie Rue Pashmina Wrap
Anthropologie Rue Pashmina Wrap, $48
Boden Print Scarf - Black
Boden Print Scarf – Black, $70
Madewell Bandana Print Scarf
Madewell Bandana Print Scarf, $39.99
JCREW Lightweight fringe-trim scarf
JCREW Lightweight fringe-trim scarf, $56.99
Anthropologie Tassled Scarf
Anthropologie Tassled Scarf, $38
COS Textured Cotton Hybrid Scarf
COS Textured Cotton Hybrid Scarf, $44.50
Banana Republic Print Diamond Neckerchief
Banana Republic Print Diamond Neckerchief, $25
Madewell Bandana Scarf
Madewell Bandana Scarf, $14.99
Club Monaco Pleated Square Scarf
Club Monaco Pleated Square Scarf, $19
INC International Concepts Black Scarf
INC International Concepts Black Scarf, $18

If you’re looking for a way to dress up an outfit, consider adding some colorful scarves to your wardrobe. They’re an easy way to add a dash of color or style to both casual or dressy outfits, and you can wear them in a wide variety of options to show them off the best. 

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