10 Ways to Lift Your Mood With Color & Makeup

Lift your mood with color and makeup

What is your favorite color? I think mine changes weekly (whenever a new eyeshadow palette comes in!). All of the hues, tones and arrays are insanely gorgeous while still being personal and meaningful. Studies have shown that colors elicit specific emotions while having powerful connections with memories and moods. What we are surrounding ourselves with and wearing can be very important. Most of the time, we get to put on our makeup everyday and socialize, workout, run errands or whatever we need to do to live our daily lives. But I know lately, we have all been a bit house-bound to stay safe. We started thinking about some fun ways to incorporate artistic color into our daily lives, to add a little pop of oomph and happiness! Here are 10 fun ideas and activities that I love to do with color and makeup when I need a little mood lift.

10 Ways to Lift Your Mood by Playing with Color & Makeup

Your “Emotional Luxury Items”

I always buy my “emotional luxury items” in bright colors so I can associate them with positive feelings. My yoga mat is a gorgeous purple and my favorite soap (lemon verbena with lavender bits!) is a beautiful marigold yellow. Next time you buy something that is only for you and your well being, make it a fun color. That way when you see that color somewhere else, you can always have a smile and a happy thought!

Jade yoga Voyager Natural Rubber Mat - Ways to Lift Your Mood with Color and Makeup
Jade Yoga Voyager Natural Rubber Mat

Ready Freddy!

A bold red lip is versatile and sexy; we can wear it with a cute pair of slip-ons and jeans or we can dress it to the nines with a ball gown on full-tilt mode. During this time, it’s just fun to put on and have around the house for a little bit of extra “zhuzh”. I have definitely logged in to a few online meetings sporting a red lip. Why not?

Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate - Ways to Lift Your Mood with Color and Makeup
Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate

Accenting for Emotions

I’m sure we all know who Marie Kondo is after last year. So we know that we have a connection to everything we own, whether it be a thumbtack or a priceless family heirloom. Let’s love everything we have around us. Accenting with fun colors is a wonderful and fresh way to cheer up a space without having to do a complete overhaul on everything. Giving that dresser a new coat of paint or just buying some exciting throws and pillows can really transform a room and elevate your mood!

Juliette Ottoman in sea foam green - Ways to Lift Your Mood with Color and Makeup
Juliette Ottoman in Sea Foam Green

It’s the Little Things

Accessorizing is a great way to add a pop of color, feel energized and excited for the day. Whether layering a kimono, adding that fun bib necklace, or just putting on some cool socks!

Kim + Ono peony & butterfly kimono jacket - Ways to Lift Your Mood with Color and Makeup
Kim + Ono Peony & Butterfly Kimono Jacket

Manicure Those Blues

Spring and summer are here, so painting our nails bright colors is one way to be expressive and cheerful. We look at our hands all the time! So why not have something fun and quirky that causes cheer?

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Polish

Lovely Canvas

Eye makeup can be sultry, simple, sophisticated or just fun! Adding a touch of color to your outer lids like a turquoise or a peach can make you fall in love with your makeup all over again. You can even omit eyeshadow completely on your lid and do a bright eyeliner. I love doing a forest green liner with a lid free of shadow. It’s simple while still packing a punch. Just dampen an angled liner brush and use eye shadow for the liner. Break out of your makeup rut and see how many compliments you get!

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette - Ways to Lift Your Mood with Color and Makeup
NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette

Smell the Color?

Colors and scents can go hand-in-hand. Whether you buy a grapefruit scented candle or use a lemon essential oil in your diffuser. Having a boost of a great fresh smell that you love can really give you nice little emotional zing in the right direction! What are your color/mood associations? Maybe you can match a scent that can really work for you.

Target Woodgrain Oil Diffuser
Woodgrain Oil Diffuser

Get Creative!

With some of the bummer things happening right now it feels wonderful to create. Grabbing a pack of colored pencils and an adult coloring book can be surprisingly cathartic and relaxing. Doing a colorful puzzle, some sidewalk chalk art, doing needlepoint, or baking some yummy cupcakes with bright frosting are some fun activities with colors galore!

Adult coloring book - Ways to Lift Your Mood with Color and Makeup
100 Amazing Patterns: An Adult Coloring Book

The Time is Nigh!

The warmer weather is here so that means bye-bye dark makeup and colors! This is my favorite time to dig into my makeup bag and pull out those bright pink and coral blushes. When in the palette they might seem daunting, but when used sparingly they leave the most beautiful rosy tones that can look very natural and youthful. Remember to apply it to the apples of your cheeks and sweep back towards the temples.

limelife perfect blush
Limelife by Alcone Perfect Blush

Accenting as an Activity

Accent walls are a wonderful way to add color to a room without completely engulfing it. Painting an accent wall in a small room a bright color can really make it appear bigger and more inviting while also opening up your entire color palette for other accents.

This is only the start! There are so many other ways you can lift your mood with a pop of color, in your makeup, your home, your wardrobe and anywhere else you can think of. So go on, bring a little more color to your life.

How to lift your mood with color and makeup.



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