Look Fresh and Ageless with These Makeup Regimen Tips

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Happy 2018 to all of my Prime Women! I thought this would be a great time to write about some New Year’s resolutions for your makeup regimen. These are just a few fun pointers to help you look younger and help your makeup stay fresher for longer. It’s so easy to do the same makeup regimen everyday, but as we age, we need to change some of our habits to help complement that aging process.

DO: Prep & prime your face accordingly

  • Before you do anything, moisturizing is key. When you do this, your skin absorbs the product and poofs up any little creases or fine lines.
  • Next, select a primer to suit your needs. Large pores? Skin producing too much oil? There is a primer out there for everyone.
  • Also, if your eyeshadow creases, use an eyeshadow primer. When you check your makeup out in the mirror later in the day, you will see how lovely everything has stayed.

DO: Take it easy on the eye makeup

  • When applying eyeshadow use a nice, soft brush. Sometimes those little sponge applicators tend to make your shadow look muddy and harsh.
  • Try some nice, soft neutral matte colors for everyday wear. Don’t put shimmers in the crease and keep the lids nice and light. This will open up your eyes!
  • Trade out your heavy black kohl liner for something dark brown and blended. Applying a brown eyeshadow for liner on the upper lash line with an angled brush can be nice and soft while still helping to achieve a smoother and more even line.
  • Leave the lower lash line alone for day wear. Never put a liner under your eye and completely omit the mascara. They just close off your eye, get cakey, and make a huge mess throughout the day.

DO: Find a foundation that works for you

  • It’s completely worth it to go to a makeup counter and have a professional match your skin tone. If you are short on time, match the color on your clavicle, back of hand and the lower part of your cheek. Your face is usually a different color because it’s always in the sun and affected by the elements a bit more. Try to find a good in-between to make up the difference. That way, if you are wearing a scoop neck top, it will match accordingly.
  • Stick to a super creamy or liquid formula that moisturizes. SPF is a big plus, too!
  • Work your foundation in with your fingers. It warms up your skin and really works the product in so it’s not just sitting on top of your face.
  • Don’t overdo the foundation. Nice and easy does it.

DO: Use a fun cream blush

  • After priming and moisturizing, using powder products on mature skin can be like taking a huge step backwards.
  • Powder products tend to settle in pores and wrinkles, so try a cream formula. There are so many great blushes in stick form, as well!
  • As we age, our blood circulation tends to slow. Try some fun, new colors that are a little vibrant to shake things up and get that natural glow back!

DO: Set where needed

  • Powdering your entire face to set your makeup isn’t necessary. Using a small, fluffy brush, just get the areas you feel produce the most oil during the day. More often than not it is the T-zone. The sides of the nose, the chin, and the middle of the forehead.

DO: Avoid mattes and darker lip colors

  • Matte colors are flat, meaning they don’t reflect any light, so they don’t make your lips appear fuller and plumper. After a while they can really dry your lips out and even get in those little awful creases.
  • Try for a fun berry or pink color that has a nice sheen to it, or a nice moisturizing lipstick.
  • If you apply your lipstick with a lip brush, it will go where you need it and won’t settle into lines, hence, less touchups and bleeding color!

DO: Go to a skincare professional

  • There is help for those who ask! Don’t be shy to get your brows done, get a facial, or ask for a few pointers. It’s hard when you are on-the-go all of the time, but please try to make a little time for yourself this year! You’re worth it!

DO: Try new things

  • We all have that favorite lipstick color or eyeshadow that we are fiercely loyal too. When you have some time, please try a few new things! Formulas and technology are forever changing. Maybe that one new foundation will be the best decision ever. It’s easy to get into a rut.

I hope these tricks will help give you a different way to view your daily makeup regimen. Sometimes, changing that one little thing in your makeup regimen can really put that little “oomph” in your step and make you look forward to getting ready! Trying new things is so important, especially when they make you look and feel fabulous. I know I’ve said this before, but yoga also helps so much. It gets our blood flowing and really helps with the aging process!

I hope everyone is having the most wonderful start to the new year!



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