Throughout the year, our skin requires different formulas to exude a fresh, radiant finish. Technology has given new products the ability to give long wearing coverage without being cakey or heavy in appearance. We have compiled a list of suggested flawless foundations below that are especially flattering for our ageless generation.

Keep your skin hydrated and any imperfections at bay by using either of these foundations in combination with one of these hydrators and it will be a win-win.

Flawless Foundations

Out of the gate and winning rave reviews is YSL’s Fushion Ink Foundation. You can’t make light of its ability to stay put for 24 hours. This makeup has an SPF of 18 and is available in 21 shades.

Guerlain’s Lingerie De Peau is remarkably light and uses natural linen and silk fibers to adhere this foundation flush to your skin. Excellent for all skin types, this transparent yet medium coverage foundation has an SPF of 20.


Super Aqua Serum from Guerlain is an infusion of water that plumps and tightens the skin. Beautifully light weight with a subtle floral scent, this serum is perfect for under your foundation. Designed to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this product is so gentle it can be used around and close to your eye area.

Staying hydrated is the key to a luminous glow. Chanel has created a line aptly named Hydra Beauty. My favorite product is the Hydra Beauty Serum that you apply over your moisturizer, which causes a cushion of hydration. This beauty serum allows your skin to maintain an optimum moisture level throughout your busy day.




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