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6 Must Have Skin Care Tools for Women 50+

Thinking back, throughout my lifetime, I have purchased a significant number of skin care tools. Some were very useful and others not that worthy. One of my first beauty buys was the Buff Puff. It literally hurt my face, and now the practice of using a sponge repeatedly isn’t even recommended. Next, there were makeup mirrors that used light bulbs that were so hot they made you sweat. I’ve also purchased battery-operated shaving pens, home facial saunas, and let’s not forget the Suzanne Somers ThighMaster. I could go on, but I won’t, as it could be embarrassing.

In a recent search looking for the newest and favorite skin care tools I decided to take a poll amongst my trusted friends. I want to know what women our age group use and what they could not live without. We all have a daily routine and there is at least one tool we rely on to get ourselves ready and out the door. Now, I’m sharing a few of the beauty aids that were mentioned by a trusted panel of experts, otherwise referred to as my friends.

Skin Care Tools Recommended by Women 50+

1. Jenny Patinkin Face Roller

Rose Quartz Roller is a recommend skin care tool

This Rose quartz facial roller claims to boost circulations and de-puff. It also is believed to provide energetic healing. My friend recommended this to me, and I do believe that anything you can do to increase the circulation around your face is very beneficial. It is recommended that you use it twice daily. And, you should use it over your serum. I can just imagine the refreshing feeling of a cool stone rolled across your face; it sounds wonderful doesn’t it? The cost is approximately $38 on Amazon.

2. Simple Human Lighted Make up Mirror

SSimple Human Sensor Mirror is one of the chosen skin care tools for women over 50

When my friend first mentioned this mirror to me, I couldn’t grasp the thought of what it was. I had not heard of simple human mirrors and thoughts of The Jetsons Cartoon filled my mind. This mirror automatically lights up as your face approaches it. It stimulates a variety of lighting variations (50,000 to be exact!) and magnifies to provide you with clear perception and detail. You have the ability to select the lighting that you want or you can even capture from an i-phone app. Going to a restaurant- select the candlelight setting. Going to be outside at a baseball game? There’s lighting for that!

My eyesight is not very good, and I always need a magnifying mirror to see what I’m doing when applying makeup, so a good quality makeup mirror is important to me. Plus, looking this closely helps to make sure your colors are blended in and matching correctly. There are a few different sizes and styles to choose from. The eight-inch round mirror can run around $200 which is a bit pricey but if it’s something you rely on every single day then it can be a valuable beauty aide and worth the cost. Find it at Macy’s with free shipping for $150.

3. Derma Roller – GloPRO® Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool

GloPro Derma Roller Skin Care Tool

A long time ago, after a facial at Nordstrom, I bought a Leaf & Rusher derma roller (no longer made). It’s a roller with tiny microneedles that when rolled over your skin creates little punctures which allows the skin to create new collagen during skin repair. If your serum is applied afterward, it will penetrate better. Today there are various types of derma rollers available for purchase. However, not all derma rollers are the same as there are differences in the length of the needles. With the many versions now available, check to see which would work best for you and your skin needs. (If in doubt, start with a smaller sized needle. Reviews seem to suggest only using the bigger needles for scarring). Used properly the derma roller technique imitates micro needling. Which brings me to talk about the Beauty Bio Micro needling kit, a patented at home micro needling device. The Beauty Micro Needling tool claims to open your cells to allow better absorption of topicals applied afterward up to 200x more.

There is a lot of hype about micro needling and the results appear to be getting a good amount of attention. More and more dermatologists and spas are offering the treatment. I expect that micro needling facials will stick around for some time. With an at home device you can save on the cost per treatment if you are comfortable with doing it yourself. The GloPRO® Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool is $199 at Sephora with free shipping.


4. Light Stim – Lightstim® for Wrinkles

LightStim Skin Care tool


Light Stim is a handheld LED device that’s known to be quite useful in refining pores, and restoring skin’s youthful appearance by stimulating collagen. Many dermatologists use professional strength LED light therapy in their offices, which are stronger than the at-home versions. In my blog about Micordermabrasion Benefits I mentioned that my esthetician used the Perfecto Plus on my neck. Using red lights and heat this professional strength device did work to immediately reduce the appearance of lines on my neck. The light stim with it’s infrared lights is a less expensive at home version. The effects may not be as apparent as the professional tool, however used daily you may see improvement over a period. Cost is around $350, but the Lightstim® for Wrinkles is $249 at Sephora with free shipping.

5. The NuFACE Trinity

NuFACE Trinity

The Nu Face Trinity is an FDA cleared skin care device to stimulate your facial muscles, which in turn helps to revitalize your skin. Facial toning treatments are also offered at Spas for a very hefty price. My friends who’ve tried Nu Face did feel that their skin looked firmer and more toned after using. Although the effect is temporary, so you need to continue using it to see consistent results. There are a few different kits available so the price can range between $300-$450

6. Clarisonic Mia Smart 3-in1 Connected Sonic Beauty Brush

Clarisonic Mia 3-in-1 Sonic Beauty Brush

This is probably the most effective beauty tool that I personally have used for the last ten years. I like the way it cleans my face and feel that it helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells. I use it around 3 times a times a week. Cost is around $200 for the Mia version. It’s currently $199 at Sephora with free shipping.

There are an array of skin care tools available for every need. What is important to note is to keep your expectations within reason. These tools are going to enhance and improve our skin’s appearance in a very subtle way. It is necessary to create a beauty routine for yourself that you feel comfortable sticking with. Focusing on good healthy lifestyle habits will keep your skin looking vibrant. As with technology, skin care tools are forever changing, what should never change is that you need to set aside time and pamper yourself, and why, because you’re worth it!





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